Kisty Mea

Hello, I’m Kisty!

I’m a 20-something free spirit, lifestyle and travel blogger from Manila, Philippines. I have messy, curly hair that changes color almost every month. I love traveling, minimalism, pastel colors, design, and anything that’s so 1950’s!

I’ve been on the blogosphere since I was 13 years old. It all began when I signed up an online forum dedicated to my favorite anime, Card Captor Sakura. In this fun and warm community, I found friends (whom I wish I kept contact with) that were highly interested in good design and expressed these through gorgeous blog layouts (Daydream Graphics, anyone?). I created my first theme, using Paint Shop Pro, and asked an Indonesian blogger, Erika, to host my blog. During those days, branding and analytics weren’t even a thing. People also don’t write mean things or subtweet about each other. Blogging was as raw as it gets.

About The Blog

This tiny space on the web serves as a written, albeit filtered, account of my life and interests, hence the vanity domain name. Let’s Go Wander is lifestyle blog that is focused on travel and how-to guides for the creative 20-somethings who want to jumpstart a life of adventure and/or build a kick-ass medium to share their thoughts, knowledge and interests. Growing up in a complicated environment, I write in this platform to share, to aspire people to be the better version of themselves and now let their circumstances stop them from pursuing their dreams.

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