Kisty Mea

Hello, I’m Kisty.

I’m a millennial blogger and free-spirit from Manila, Philippines. A typeface hoarder who likes to travel and design stuff. I also like to color my hair on a whim and collect lapel pins of countries I’ve been to as a travel keepsake. When I’m not out exploring or blogging, I’m most likely binge watching on Netflix and Hulu Plus on my favorite TV shows, such as The Flash and Forever.

About The Blog

This tiny space on the web serves as a written, albeit filtered, account of my life and interests, hence the vanity domain name. Kisty is lifestyle blog that is focused on travel and blogging for the creative go-getters of 20-somethings who want to jumpstart a life of adventure and/or build a kick-ass medium to share their thoughts, knowledge and interests. Growing up in a complicated environment, I write to aspire people to be the better version of themselves, to constantly work and pursue their dreams, even if the world is telling them otherwise.

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