Kisty Mea

Hello! I’m Kisty and I’m a 20-something creative free-spirit from Manila, Philippines. As of the moment, I design web sites and write for this blog for a living.

The Style Mermaid is a creative lifestyle and travel blog. This blog established in 2008 though I have been writing for over a decade now. Originally, I created a blog because I wanted to learn how to create beautiful graphics. But over time, my blog became my outlet to write anything under the sun. Although I don’t aim for fame or earn millions from this, I never expected that this humble space on the Internet will take me to new places — literally! In 2013, I was chosen to become a Big Blog Exchange Ambassador where I get to travel to the United Kingdom for 10 straight days, all expense paid! Definitely my most favorite rewarding experience from blogging.

Other things you should know about is me that I collect lapel pins of countries I’ve been to and I always have room for a cup of vanilla ice cream. I also like to color my hair on a whim and cuddle with my boyfriend, JP.

Hmm… What else do you need to know? Oh, I can be insensitive and tactless with my opinions at times. I don’t mean harm, I just don’t know how to sugarcoat my own words. I also don’t appreciate it when people, especially if its unsolicited, tell me what to do. Other than that, I’m an easy person to friends with. So don’t hesitate to contact me for anything — questions, messages or ideas. We can even collaborate or something!