What’s your full name? Is Kisty your real name?
I love my real name, but for security purposes, I prefer not to share it online. I hope you can respect that. Kisty is only nickname I made up a few years ago.

Which country are you from?
I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines.

How old are you?
27 years old. Gasp!

Are you Filipino?

What’s your course? Where did you study?
I took up Information Technology in University of Asia & the Pacific and James Cook University in Singapore. I also took up a graphic design in Central Saint Martins (online course) and, currently, in Shillington College.


Is your hair naturally curly or did you get a perm?
Yes, my hair is naturally curly or wavy. I got it from my dad.

What’s your real hair color?
My real hair color is black.

How did you achieve your blonde hair?
READ THIS. Everything you need to know about hair bleaching is there!

What colors have you dyed your hair to?
My hair color history can be found somewhere on the blog.

What are the brands of veggie dyes do you use?
My go-to are Special Effects and Manic Panic. There are cheaper alternatives but they usually bleed, and I just can’t afford to get stains on my clothes and sheets. RainbowHeadPH.com is my go-to hair dye supplier.

How do you take care of your chemically-treated hair?
Everything you need to know is in under the Hair Care tag. For those aspiring to go blonde, these are my go-to products.

What’s your skincare regimen?
Please read My Skin Care Routine entry.


What camera + lenses do you use? 
Majority of the photos posted on this blog are captured using a Nikon D90 and Tamron 17-50mm lens. But entries posted on October 2014 onwards were captured using a Fujifilm X-M1 and Canon EOS M10.

Do you have a lighting kit at home? 
Yes, I do. I have an AlienBees B800 + umbrella. I ordered it from the United States.

What are your tips when it comes to photography? 
Learn the basics. Always shoot in manual. Don’t stop shooting. Practice and experiment.

What app do you to edit photos on your iPhone? 
Just VSCO Cam!

What iPhone model are you using? 
iPhone 6S Plus, 16GB in silver and 64GB in rose gold

What’s your Instagram? 

Blogging and Design

How long have you been blogging? 
Since I was 13 years old. My first blog was officially opened on October 1st, 2012.

Care to share some blogging advice to new bloggers like me? 
Please read my Blog To Inspire series.

How did you get your own domain name?
I purchased it from here. They’re the best!

I don’t have a credit card. Can you help me buy a domain?
Yes, but I charge P700/year. Please contact me to make an order.

Who is your web host?
My boyfriend is currently hosting me, for free. :)

Can you make me a Tumblr/Wordpress Theme?
Yes, for a fee. Please contact me for rates.

Traveling and Living Abroad

How did you discover Big Blog Exchange?
Pure luck. I was exploring new blogs one evening, and one of them has a BBE badge on their sidebar. I got curious, so I clicked it, browsed a few pages until I realized what the contest was all about. :)

Do I have to have a huge following to win Big Blog Exchange?
Not really. Having a following can help you get into the Top 25 of your region, though.

Can you list down the countries you’ve been to?
Hong Kong, Macau, China (Beijing, Shenzhen), Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, England, Wales, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands and South Korea.

What part of Europe have you visited?
London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Shropshire, Manchester, Ambleside (Lake District), York, Whitby, Oxford in England | Milan, Pisa, Venice, Rome, Vatican City in Italy | Melide, Switzerland | Munich and Stuttgart, Germany) | Paris, France | Amsterdam and Volendam, Netherlands

How about the places you’ve visited in the Philippines?
Some parts of Batangas, Laguna and Quezon | Vigan, Ilocos Sur | Laoag and Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte | Baguio, Benguet |  Bataan (Corregidor, Anvaya Cove and Mt. Samat) |  Cebu | Bohol | Boracay | Puerto Princesa and El Nido, Palawan | Caramoan and CWC in Camarines Sur

Have you ever been given a sponsored travel?
Yes. The Big Blog Exchange trip to England and CWC in Camarines Sur was sponsored (for work).

How did you get a visa for ____?
I’m currently on these entries, so please stay tuned!

China Visa / Japan Visa / UK Visa / Schengen Visa (Italian Embassy with VIA) / Korea Visa

Can you help me create an itinerary for trips?

Boracay: Read this.
El Nido: Read this.
Singapore: Read this and this.

Why did you move to Singapore?
My parents wanted me to study abroad and they gave me a choice which country I should go to. I really wanted to go to London, New York or Sydney. But in the end, I chose Singapore because it’s closer to home.

I’m an OFW living in Singapore. How do I get an OEC? 
I wrote this OEC guide in 2013, so I can’t guarantee that the process is still the same.  Please check the Philippine Embassy website for updates.

What is it like to live in a foreign country?
It’s fun but it can be tough; It’s not glitter and gold. You only have yourself to depend on. The cost of living is high, too. I hate how much other people undermines the expensiveness of living abroad.