A Letter For My Significant Other


You make me high in love but you keep my feet on the ground. You infect me with your big dreams and curiosity about the world. I love that even after all these years being together and the distance that we are apart, you remain a classy gentleman and irrevocably faithful to me. I love that our arguments would often end when one of us smiles. And at times when I lost all hope and strength, when I lost my way, or when I express my fear for the worst, you were always there to bring me solace and reassurance. You unlock a stronger part of me when all of my efforts have been exhausted. You don’t complete me, but rather, you complement me. And this is why I strongly believe that we are meant to be together.

Individually, we’re great.

Together, we’re even better.

You are my exception, and every fibre of my being knows this to be true. You are my human, my rock, and most of all, my best friend.

I love you since forever and in every universe.