On Turning 25 & Life Bucket List

Oh wow! I’m finally 25. 25 and I still don’t know how to cook sinigang (inside joke with my boyfriend). But let me tell you a secret: I don’t feel bad for the things I haven’t accomplished. Why? Cause whenever I read my Reverse Bucket List, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. Big and small. Every time I read that list, I’m convinced that the world is, indeed, my oyster. It gives me strength to do more, to have more goals and dreams. :) Instead of focusing on the things I should’ve done, I’m busy making a list of things I should do in the next 5 years or so.

Here’s my list so far: 

  1. Go on a cross-country adventure in Europe, for a month or so.
  2. Travel the world. Visit every continent, including Antartica and space, if possible.
  3. Visit iconic and historical landmarks in each country that I visit.
  4. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) with my boyfriend.
  5. See the 7 Wonders of the World. There’s a lot of versions but I’d like to see one in each list. I’ve seen two so far!
  6. Live in another country, again. I’d like to live in London or New York this time.
  7. Learn how to cook because, duh, I’m 25. And be really good at it. :)
  8. Learn how to speak Basic Mandarin and French.
  9. Be healthy. Be fit.
  10. Publish a book or ebook.
  11. Pursue a career in design, because we all know that’s where I truly belong!
  12. To have my own cupcake shop. Truth is, I love baking!
  13. Experience real snow. I don’t care how awful it is, I just want to experience it at least once.
  14. Volunteer for a humanitarian cause. Not just donate money.
  15. Go star gazing and see a meteor shower.
  16. Visit Japan!
  17. Be a good wife and parent someday.
  18. Run my own business. Invent something and patent it.
  19. Dye my hair blonde and candy colored hair.
  20. Swim with the dolphins.
  21. Get featured on TV/radio/print/newspapers for an achievement I’m proud of.
  22. Overcome my fear of the unknown, particularly the deep waters of the ocean.
  23. Be a better blogger.
  24. Be genuinely happy, regardless of the situation and problems.
  25. Be a better person, every day ‘til the day it’s time to kick the bucket.

That’s all I can think for now…

To be honest, the idea of being 25 feels liberating because it means that I am no longer obligated to do/follow what other people want. I was born to break rules, to stand out, and the last thing I want is to live my life based on other people’s expectations. Turning 25 makes me feel that I am, legitimately, entitled to my own choices. No more upbraiding.

How about you? What do you want to accomplish in the next 20-50 years?