The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

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Hello there! I’m Kisty and I’m a lifestyle blogger from Manila/Singapore. I like to write about Beauty, Design, Fashion, Photography, Travel and a few tidbits about my life.

Since you’re new here, let me share to you some of my favorite entries (on this blog):

Travel Photo Diary

Beijing, China 2011 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2011 Macau, China Hong Kong, China Boracay 2013 Bangkok, Thailand 2011 Singapore England, United Kingdom 2013

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Writing + Inspiration

20 Things For A Happy Life 24 Things You'll Learn While Living Abroad Alone Reverse Bucket List Generation of Nostalgia 

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Photography + Technology

How to be a Ghost in Photos Tutorial Lightpaint Tutorial How To Turn Your Photos Into Type Seven Photo Projects iPhone Apps I Love 20 Apps For Your Mac  iOS7 Walkthrough Free Font Friday

Good Music

Young and Beautiful Beating Hearts Sweater Weather Deezy Daisy 

Regular Programming

The Happiness Project The Monday Grace Playlist Little Miss Dress Up 

Do It Yourself

DIY Series: Beauty DIY Series: Style DIY Series: Food Hair Bow Tutorial

Cosplay Projects

Cosplay Project: Chii from Chobits Cosplay Project: Babydoll from Suckerpunch Cosplay Project: Blackwidow and Catwoman Cosplay Project: Katniss of The Hunger Games