30 Things You Need To Know Before Going to London

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30 Things You Need To Know Before Going To London

One of my favorite quotes from The Alchemist is, “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” This was the case for my London trip in 2013, when the jurors of Big Blog Exchange (BBE) chose me as one of their finalists. Years before BBE, I told myself that if I was going to Europe, I want London to be the first destination. Never in my life have I imagined that was going to come true. Of course, winning was only part of the equation. I had to face several obstacles along the way before my visa finally got approved. I guess, what I’m trying to say here is that if you want something so bad, you still have to work hard for it, and God, the Universe, or whoever Higher Being you believe in, will help you achieve it.

Despite my excitement, I didn’t have enough time to prepare for my trip to London. There was just too many things to consider, like my schedule with BBE and if it was possible to extend my trip further (the travel agency told me to book my flight when I was already in London because it’s cheaper, a risky move that actually worked!). So if you’re going to London anytime soon, here are 30 things you need to know: Continue Reading

A Review of The Fujifilm X-M1 Camera

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Fujifilm X-M1 Review

If you have been following my blog since Tumblr days, you would know that I’m a Nikon user. I own a Nikon D90 with a Tamron 17-50 lens. I’ve captured wonderful photos with my DSLR and you can all see that in my Europe posts. Now, I love my DSLR but it’s just too darn heavy! It’s also starting to show some cosmetic wear. A few Eurotrips and beach trips later, I’ve decided it’s time to find a replacement simply because I don’t want to be that girl caught with a defective camera during her travels.

Six months and two weeks later, I’m a happy owner of a Fujifilm X-M1. It’s a mirrorless interchangeable lenses camera which means it’s a digital camera that offer features and quality of a DSLR but in a smaller and lighter package. You’ve seen my photos on previous blog posts and Instagram photos, so you have a pretty good idea of the quality. But today, I’ll share with you what I think about the camera and if this camera model or any from Fujifilm’s X series are worth the penny.

Continue Reading

Free Printable: The Weekly Agenda

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Free Weekly Agenda Printable

I’ve been finding ways to use my time wisely and be more productive.

For my blog work, I use CoSchedule as my main editorial calendar for both blog and social media posts. To monitor the other aspects of my life, such as freelance work, personal errands, travels, I use Sunrise Calendar. I like Sunrise because it has a Week and Month view. I also have the ability to sync different calendars from both iCal and Google Calendar. I usually use the latter for everyday and weekly tasks. .

But there are days where I want to go write things down. Writing down your thoughts, schedule, and things to do on a piece of paper is therapeutic. Not only does it lessen my stress but it also gives me direction and a physical reminder of the tasks ahead.

Perhaps you’re a pen-and-paper girl? So as a gift, I created this weekly agenda printable for you to use. Continue Reading

The Perks of Traveling with Your Partner

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The Perks of Traveling Together

You think you know someone, but you don’t. Not until you’ve travel or lived with them at least. Do you agree with this quote? Because I do! Traveling is a great opportunity for couples to get to know much better, create memories, and form a stronger bond. But aside from that, traveling with your partner just brings so much fun, love, and happiness! Taking a vacation is great for your well-being and to your relationship with one another.

Here are some of the perks of traveling together:

1. You’ll discover their little quirks and habits.

Is he a neat-freak? Or a total slob? Does he leave the toilet seat up? Does she collect all the unused hotel toiletries in the room? You know, the little things you may have not noticed before. Traveling with them will allow you to discover and look closely at their habits, routine, and quirks. Can you tolerate and accept these habits or will it drive you mad? Continue Reading