Why Jeans Are Considered Travel Essentials

By February 20, 2015 Sponsored, What I Wore

Kisty Mea for Uniqlo PH
I have a confession to make: I hate wearing jeans. If you take a look at my OOTDs in the past, you’ll see that I rarely wear jeans. In fact, when I travel, I’ll pack one pair of jeans but will never ever wear it unless necessary. The reason behind this is that I’m petite. When I try on jeans, I often get disappointed because the ones in the market are either too big, too long or too tight for my body. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is nothing but a difficult and frustrating quest.

But I need jeans, not only for everyday use but also for my travels. Here are my top reasons why: Continue Reading

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A Must-See Tour: Windsor Castle, City of Bath and The Stonehenge

By February 16, 2015 Adventures, England, Europe
Windsor, Bath, Stonehenge

England is known for many famous and iconic landmarks, such as the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben in Greater London, the Hadrian Wall in the North West region, the White Cliffs of Dover in the South East and so on. But if there’s one landmark that I firmly believe you wouldn’t want to miss, the one that dates back to prehistoric time, is the Stonehenge. Continue Reading

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How I’ve Managed To Travel & Find Time To Blog

By February 15, 2015 Creative Blogging

How To Blog And Travel At The Same Time

To be an effective blogger, a lot of bloggerpreneurs often advise their readers to be consistent with their content. Consistency is often achieved through regular posting of quality content. But with our busy schedules either in school or at work, the process of producing a fresh, unique and creative content — from the writing the idea to the post-processing of your photos — sounds like a handful of tasks. I’ve met different kinds of people, on separate occassions, saying they’ve wanted to blog but never had the time. But I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to blog and still pursue other things — it’s crazy but not impossible. Today, I’ll share with you a method that I’ve been using to keep my blogging game consistent even while I’m out traveling.

Continue Reading

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The Sherlock Holmes Museum

By February 9, 2015 Adventures, England, Europe
Sherlock Holmes Museum

When I found out that one of my scheduled tours will commence in the afternoon, I’ve decided to take a stroll around London and check out one of the less crowded tourist attraction nearby — The Sherlock Holmes Museum. 

Where do you find this museum exactly? Where else but at 221B Baker Street! A little tidbit: during the time the epic adventures of Sherlock Holmes were published, Baker Street didn’t go as high as 221. But as the City of London evolved, the street got extended and to a museum was installed on 221B to pay tribute to the famous fictional detective.  Continue Reading

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