Growing Your Blog with Pinterest

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Grow Your Blog With Pinterest

I’m sure that a lot of you have heard of Pinterest before, but probably have not utilized it properly to benefit your blog. But that’s all going to change starting today because you’re an Internet rockstar and you totally deserve the best things in life, including “secrets” that could improve the growth of you blog.

But what is blog/web traffic anyway? Good question! In a non-techie way, blog/web traffic refers to the number of people who visited your blog. This traffic grows over time as more and more people visit your blog, and it becomes a vital tool to discover what people like reading on your blog, how long they stay to read your articles, where do they come from, and so forth.

Ok. Then what is Pinterest? Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms today. If Facebook’s purpose is to chronicle your every day life, and Twitter is your thought bubble in 140 characters, then Pinterest is your visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save new creative ideas. In it’s simplest sense, Pinterest is your digital mood board.

Ok, cool. But why should I use Pinterest? Continue Reading

The Real Price of Blogging: 5 Things You Need To Build A Badass Blog and Its Cost

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The Price of Blogging

In the past seven years, I’ve gotten numerous emails asking me for advice about starting a blog, and I think there are various ways to tackle this question because everyone has a different blogging journey. So I’ll start with the objectives, the tangible essentials that you need to create a blog. Now, I don’t want to come off too technical so I asked the help of amazing bloggers and creative freelancers to craft a blog walkthrough for people like you who want to start a badass blog. Continue Reading

Travel Essentials: A Unique Watch Like Jord

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Jord Watches

When Jord Watches offered me to write an honest and unbiased review about one of their products, the Fieldcrest, a sustainably sourced maple wood watch, I got intrigued. A watch made of wood? Who would’ve thought that’s even possible? I’ve seen sunglasses made of bamboo, but this is my first time to ever encounter wood watches.

Jord (pronounced as yord, if I’m not mistaken) is Swedish for “earth, land, and soil” and as a brand, they offer a collection of sustainable timepieces that reflects our modern lifestyle. They use a variety of natural and sustainably sourced wood all over the world, such as maple, blackwood, zebra wood, and bamboo. Their scratch-proof and splash-resistant watches come in different color and style fit for both men and women. The one I requested and received is a solid wood watch, a Fieldcrest in Maple. Continue Reading

A Follow-up on the Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Cleanser

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Safeguard Derma Sense

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed about my initial thoughts about the Safeguard Derma Sense — a dermatologically-tested range of skin care products that’s created by one of the brands that I trust, Safeguard! The reason why the Derma Sense stands out among the other acne-fighting products because it contains an antibacterial ingredient that removes germs that causes acne and giving you healthy and beautiful skin.

I’ve been using the Derma Sense for more than two weeks now and I’m excited to report to you today an honest review of the product, specifically the Derma Sense Cleanser for Acne- Prone Skin. The cleanser has helped me have an acne-free face while I was out traveling, but in Manila, it was another story. Continue Reading