What I Wore: B is for Blazers

By January 9, 2015 What I Wore
Kisty Mea

Pin Up Curls by Blo Dry Bar • Classic black blazer from Old Navy •  White button-down shirt from SM GTW
High Waisted Shorts from Cotton On • Rouge Boots from Dr. Martens

On my previous What I Wore post (Casual as Usual), I shared to you my every day style — a simple blouse paired with denim shorts and my choice of shoes. But if you’re heading out at night (or on a meeting), that outfit may be too simple! While I’m all for the “Wear What You Want” mantra, there are instances that a simple blouse and denim are considered underdressed to an event.

So what did I do? I wore a hat and a classic black blazer. Continue Reading

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What I Wore: Casual As Usual

By January 8, 2015 What I Wore
Kisty Mea

One of the several sets I’ve done with Bria Cardenas a few months ago (notice that my hair is still pink!) I met her during the UST BlogCon and she offered to take my outfits. I normally don’t accept photoshoots because I get all awkward when someone else is taking my portraits, but I figured, why not? Plus, she’s certainly not like other photographers who are… uhm, creepy.

The only thing that suck in this photoshoot was the location. We got caught by the security guards, and were told we needed a permit to shoot. It’s quite sad because the background was definitely the bomb dot com. We settled to do the photoshoot inside the billiards room, where natural lighting became less accessible. :( Still, I love, love, love the shots!

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Blog Worthy: Oscar’s Deli

By January 6, 2015 Blog Worthy, Food
Oscar's Deli

Last year, I made an attempt to join the healthy bandwagon because I really want to lose my body fats. I ate less, did cardio, and the result? I lost a whooping 10 pounds in a few months time. I was happy but I was also disappointed because cardio alone didn’t help me achieve my goals. I knew that what I had to do is change my diet.

But I don’t believe in diets. Diets are complicated and has a set of rules I can’t even follow. In fact, if you Google “10 ways to lose weight” you’ll receive an endless list of do’s and don’ts that involves your diet. Most often than not, these diets will restrict you from the food you like, such as eating chocolate. Not gonna lie, but that sounds like a very sad life.

But this is where Oscar’s Deli comes into the scene. Continue Reading

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Noteworthy Planners for 2015

By January 2, 2015 Arts and Design, Blog Worthy
Noteworthy Planners for 2015

Happy New Year, KistyCats!!!

I hope you’re all having fun welcoming 2015 with your loved ones. I honestly love celebrating new years because they always bring a renewed sense of hope. If the previous year was bad, new years are there to remind us that we can start fresh again. Sure, we don’t change drastically when the clock strikes 12 but in our hearts, we feel we’re al given a second chance to have a clean slate.

I was thinking of writing down my resolutions, but I haven’t really finalized them yet. I’ve got two main focus for 2015 — get fit and focus on my goals. But in order for me to fulfill those goals, I definitely need to get my life together -stat!- and I’m 210% sure that you are also on this crazy path. So instead of writing down an annual resolution, let me kickstart 2015 with five notable planners and journals to help us make our dreams a reality.  Continue Reading

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