Makeup Essentials

Basic Makeup Essentials

By On February 5, 2014

I’m taking a quick break from all that travel talk because the more I talk about England, the more I wish I was there. So, let’s talk about the things that makes… Read More

Singapore Travel Guide

Travel Guide: Singapore

By On January 31, 2014

As requested, here’s a travel blog post/itinerary guide about the country I’ve considered home for the past two years. There are so many things to see and do in Singapore but this entry… Read More

30 Things About Traveling

Thirty Things About Traveling

By On January 27, 2014

I’d like to think that I am a well-traveled woman, but every now and then, you’ll still see me tweet airline companies about an inquiry I am unsure of. I’ve done this… Read More

Where To Stay? YHA Boggle Hole

Where To Stay? YHA Boggle Hole

By On January 26, 2014

I think my favorite youth hostel in England deserves a post of its own. I absolutely love the other YHA hostels, but Boggle Hole was unique on its own. In my previous… Read More

Where To Stay? YHA Hostels England

Where To Stay? England’s YHA Hostels

By On January 24, 2014

This is going to be a really long entry but I guarantee that it’s going to be helpful for you, my little wanderlust. If you have been following my Big Blog Exchange… Read More

The Monday Grace #08
The Happiness Project

The Monday Grace #08

By On January 20, 2014

The Monday Grace is a (weekly) segment/project here at The Style Mermaid. The aim of this project is to dissolve that sense of dread we often feel every Monday, and replace it with happier, kinder… Read More

Singapore Tour 1314 07

Singapore Tour 2013/14

By On January 18, 2014

Just a glimpse of the places, meals and things I’ve seen two weeks ago. As you may all know, my boyfriend’s family spent New Year here in Singapore and they invited me… Read More

What I Wore: Never Settle
What I Wore

What I Wore: Never Settle

By On January 5, 2014

The first few days of 2014 was spent eating at restaurants I’ve never been before, sweating under the sun and lots of stolen kisses. JP’s family decided to spend New Year in Singapore… Read More

Year Ender: 13 Moments In 2013

Year-Ender: 13 Moments in 2013

By On December 31, 2013

Somebody asked me last night if I’m going to do a Blog Review his year and I said no, because the biggest highlight of 2013 was the Big Blog Exchange and I… Read More

Life Resolutions 2013

Life Resolutions

By On December 30, 2013

New Year is a symbolism of hope for a fresh start and new beginnings. And every year, some of us would write a list of resolutions, hopes and dreams to accomplish for… Read More