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Q: You’re awesome. Should have followed you sooner. Bummer. Happy Holidays btw. I also would like to take graduate studies in Singapore but seems it’s a lot of hassle and I’ll need a decent scholarship. Oh well. Take care! Post more about fashion and shops! I love online shopping too!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Muchas gracias for those kind words. <3 I think the process will depend on where you’re going to apply. My school did everything for me, from applying to immigration to claiming my student pass. It was less of a hassle but I had to wait for about a month to claim my pass. And yes, I’ll definitely post some more when I have the time. :) 

Happy Holidays to you and to your family, too! :) 

Q: Why can’t you post a photo of you with your boyfriend? :(

I don’t know why but sometimes, I just feel uncomfortable sharing my personal life online. 

Q: Hey, Can you give me some advices? I really really feel that I`m ugly because of my nose. :(

Hello! My advice won’t work if you don’t start believing in yourself. I know It’s easier said than done but it’s all about changing your perception about yourself. Being beautiful starts with yourself and embracing your imperfections. :) Say this in front of the mirror every morning, “I’m beautiful. My nose is beautiful.” :) 

Q: How much is a Instax 7S? :-) And where can I see one?

In Fujifilm branches, camera stores and online shops. The price depends on where you buy it.

Q: Why’d you deleted your new vlog?

I didn’t. 

anjellic- asked: Ate, ano po bang theme na gawa mo yung theme na gamit ni applewatson? Pano po yun madaming parang boxes? Sorry po ha. Ginoggle ko na, eh. Hindi ko po talaga mag discover. Salamat po. And sorry sa abala. :)

Hello! :) She’s using a modified (meaning, she personalized it) but old version of my Simplicity 2.0 theme. For a newer version, I suggest you download my Pinkberry theme. For the individual boxes, I used the DIV attribute but it’s really complicated to explain eh but the Pinkberry comes in individual boxes na so no need to modify it. 

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