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How-To-Be-A-Ghost Tutorial

Kisty Mea

There’s a reason why this photo was entitled as Heartbreak Hotel because I took this photo inside a hotel and I’m heartbroken because I’m telling you my “secrets” in photography, loljk. :p Anyway, this is less complex than the other tutorial (you should totally check that tutorial out if you haven’t) because it only requires two things: a camera and a model.

As I’ve said, I took this photo inside a hotel so I had an abundant supply of light. The available light you have will determine the settings of your camera but if you’re reading this and you’re currently checking in a posh hotel, then here are my settings:

There’s only one thing you need to remember to achieve this shot: The slower the shutter speed (like 1/3), the better. But again, this will all depend on how much light you have. It’s a trial and error and the results will depend on the available light and lens used (a lens with a fixed aperture will provide a different result from a ens with limited aperture range).

I used a remote control to take the photo. If you don’t have one, you can ask a friend to press the shutter-release button or use the self-timer. Anyway, once the shutter has been click, you either move or get out of the frame. In this photo, I did the latter. I was fast enough that the camera didn’t capture me leaving the bed. 

Pretty much, that’s it. You get a ghost-effect, lol. Again, don’t forget to photo-reply your results and for questions, use the comment box below this entry. Thank you! :)

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