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Hair Care Tips: Perfect for Your Dry and Damaged Hair by Kisty Mea (

Is your hair dull, unmanageable and/or lacks shine? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then it’s an indication that you have dry hair. Everybody wants soft and manageable hair but how do we achieve it exactly?  

The first step is that you need to understand why your hair is dry. For some people, their hair is dry because of health reason and it is strongly suggested to consult a doctor to fix this. Others have dry hair because their sebaceous glands doesn’t produce enough sebum, the hair’s natural moisturizer. But most people have dry hair because they can’t let go of heat styling products. 

So, we now know why your hair is dry. But how do we fix this? How do we treat dry hair? Basically, you need to keep your hair moisturized while staying away from products and tools that dehydrate your hair. I’ve listed down some tips that can help you out. 

Don’t wash your hair too often. Washing your hair too often will strip down the natural oils of your hair. Not to mention, harsh ingredients in your shampoo will make matters worst. Others wash their hair every other day, others use dry shampoo and just wash their hair 2-3 times/week. Dry shampoo is a water-free way to freshen up your hair and it’s quite perfect for days when you woke up late and don’t have time to prepare yourself to work or school. 

Note: Avoid shampoos with ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and TEA-Lauryl Sulfate. For more information, check out this website. It contains a thorough research of hair care ingredients. Also, if you dyed your hair, make sure you buy one that’s specifically made for colored hair. 

Condition, condition, and deep condition. You’ve heard this tip a thousand times and there’s a good reason why. Personally, I’m a sucker for conditioners. Normally, they suggest that you put the conditioner at least a minute or two. For me, I try my best to keep them as long as possible so my hair could really absorb the moisture. A good conditioner keeps my hair really soft and manageable. 

I don’t have an exact brand to recommend because I like trying different conditioners, see what works best. 

Don’t forget leave-on conditioners and other post-shower treatments! Leave-on conditioners will control the dry and frizziness your hair will experience while you’re out of the house. Most products are quite handy, so you can bring it anywhere. 

Avoid The Heat. Wear a hat, skip the blow dryer and unplug the hair iron. If you can’t really let go of heat-styling products, use products (like serums and sprays) that protect your hair from the heat. 

Trim Regularly. Your hair is bound to have split-ends and it’s a must that you have them trimmed regularly, if you want long and healthy hair. After a hair cut, put on some serum on the ends. 

Experience: Last week, I was getting frustrated with my split-ends but didn’t want the salon to bucher it. Usually, salons cut at least two inches of your hair when you just want a “trim”. I’ve decided to cut my own hair by taking a facial scissors and went through my hair strands. Some of my strands were having a hair inception moment where there’s a split-end within a split-end within a split-end. It was an awful sight but they’re gone now! 

Be Healthy. Your hair is part of your body and what does your body needs to strong? Nutrients!!! If you supply your body with the right nutrients by eating right and having a well-balance diet, then your body will become healthy and so does your hair. :)

If you have any suggestions on how to take care of your hair, feel free to leave a message on my Disqus box for other readers to see. Thank you! :) 

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