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Free Font Shopping!

I love free font shopping! Yep, free. :) And because I’m feeling generous (wait, I’m always generous…), I’m sharing you three websites that you should bookmark and do a download spree. 

Hope you enjoy them! :)

KISTY.NET | Tumblr's Little Mermaid

The League of Moveable Type offers 15 beautiful fonts, such as Raleway and Ostrich Sans. 

KISTY.NET | Tumblr's Little Mermaid

Lost Type Co-op is a pay-what-you-want type font site. Basically, you have the opportunity to pay whatever you like for a font, you can even type ‘$0’ for a free download. The 100% of the funds, of course, goes directly to the designers of the fonts. So if you plan on using these fonts commercially or something, I think it would be nice to pay them. 

KISTY.NET | Tumblr's Little Mermaid

righttype™ is a portfolio that features lovely font families, including pixel fonts that are optimized for illustrations on screen. Honestly, I find their website a bit confusing but you might be able to download some if you’re patient enough to browse. 

You should also check out 40 awesome free fonts for big headlines. :)

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