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Anchors & Stars

Remember this entry? :) Well, I went with the anchor detail dress! I think the heart version is too common, meaning other stores will probably offer something similar. 

Kisty Mea | KISTY.NET x OASAP | Anchors and Stars

/commerical: Someone drew me! Yay! Thank you so much! If you drew me, whether it’s a vector or not, let me know. :) I like compiling them in one album.

Is it free to OASAP? See the details under the cut!  

I wore this on the day I arrived in Manila. Well, I wore a less fashionable and casual outfit during the midnight flight but this was my outfit come daytime. It’s awfully hot in Metro Manila but the fabric inside (I assume it’s satin) made it bearable. I didn’t have enough sleep, so I just want to keep things comfortable. No heels, make-up or whatsoever. 


Sweet Peter Pan collar anchor detail sleeveless dress from OASAP

The details of the dress is so “me”. Anchors and stars! :) 


Check out my multi-colored hair: red, purple, bluish-green (plus black since I need a retouch). My natural curls are also showing na but they just look like waves because of the “pull” of the rebond.

While I was away (in Manila), sent me a lovely sunglasses. And just in time! My sunnies from Aldo got broken, so this was such a life saver! It looks very Prada-ish, too! :) 


Last but not the least, my shoes from TOMS! They’re my current everyday shoes and I love them to bits. They’re quite comfy, better than the similar pair I got from Cotton On. 

The bag is from Topshop. Got it last October as a birthday gift to myself. :)


Someone asked me if joining OASAP is free. Yes, it’s completely free. But in order to be approved to the fashion hunter program, you need to put their ad on your blog and have at least 300 followers in one platform (preferably in Lookbook or Blogspot). If you wish to join, please use this link to sign up. Thank you!

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