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DIY Ombre Denim Cut-off Shorts

DIY Ombre Denim Cut-off Shorts  THE STYLE MERMAID | KISTY.NET

It’s an implicit rule that bleaches like Zonrox are not allowed near the laundry room. This is to prevent any possible damage that bleach might do to our clothes. Apparently, our former maid kept a small bottle inside our laundry room and in the process, she ruined my pink denim pants from Forever 21. :(

When life gives you lemon, make lemonades! In this case, I converted my ruined denim pants into shorts! :) And even made them prettier with some DIY! 

DIY Ombre Denim Cut-off Shorts  THE STYLE MERMAID | KISTY.NET

You’ll also need bleach IF you want to dye on a blue or darker denim shorts.
FYI: I used Venus Fabric Dye, available in National Book Store. 

Wash your clothes after bleaching. Then add the fabric dye on the boiling water and let the shorts soak there for minutes. For an ombre effect, just soak half of it. Once you’re satisfied with the color, tumble dry it. :) 

I still have more denims to dip-dye but I still have to buy bleach. 

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