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1. Hi ate Kisty! I was wondering how you dyed your hair ends? Did you bleach it muna or just colored it? Did you use 2 different hair colors (what colors plz ehhee)? And how many bleaching achuchu did you do :) I’m planning to do the same thing kase hehe. You look very lovely with your red hair, I hope you keep it 5ever <3 That is all. Have a great day ahead!

I bleached it a few months ago, during the first time I dyed my hair red. I bleached it twice throughout that time (the second one was done two months after, I think?). When the ends faded, I dyed it to blue (became a little bit greenish) and purple. Then I dyed it to my current hair color. :) 

I used Special Effects Cherry Bomb dye because it’s red with pinkish undertones. :) And thanks! I’m definitely going to keep this one, haha! <3

2. Hello po ate. I’ve read your FAQs and now I know that you’re a pure Filipino. Ang ganda po ng hair niyo. ;) I wish na pwede ding magpakulay ng buhok sa school namin. ;(( Paano po ayusin yung buhok ng hindi na nagpapaayos sa Salon? Kasi po dun sa tuktok ng buhok ko e may mga buhok na putol putol, hindi ko po maayos tsaka tumatayo po ung mga buhok ko e. Ang pangit kasing tignan. Kaya lagi din po akong naka-ponytail, gusto ko din pong maglugay. ;( Hope you’ll answer. ;)))

You can dye your hair during or after college. :) I guess you have weak hair? So you need to get something that could make your hair stronger, like the right shampoo and stuff. Of course, if it gets worst, you need to consult a doctor. If you want to let your hair down, then stop tying your hair. :) 

3. Nasaan na ba si Firebrickdreams? Where is her explanation? Instead of hiding she should really apologize for what she did.’Di man lang nahiya, grabe.

………. Ok. 

4. Ate! I’m so inlove with your red hair! You look so pretty and your appeal is over flowing! :”>

❤ ❤ 

5. Hi Ms. Kisty, how do make your skin whiter?

Sorry but I don’t know. I apply random products that promises to whiten my skin but I don’t see any results naman. I have a thing for Johnson’s baby milk bath and lotion. My suggestion is consult a dermatologist because they can really provide products, whether it’s over the counter or not, that can make your skin whiter. :) 

6. How to get own domain? HELP ME PLEASE?

Click this and sign up You need a credit card or Paypal account though. 

7. Tutorial to your Twitter widget. Pleaseeeeee (Thanks in Advance)

Google the keyword “twitter html code widget”, it should be the 3rd or 4th result. As for customization, I figured that on my own. :) 

8. Ate! Wala na po ba yung ibang themes mo? Ba’t tatatlo nalang? :(

Nope, wala na. I answered your question privately.

9. Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it. ❤

  1. My friend said I look like Ashley Benson. :3 Feeler ko lang but I love her to bits! <3 Hahahahaha!

EDIT: Oh my god, haha. I forgot to type in the 9 other random facts. Hahaha. 

10. Where did you get the twitter updates link thingy? Please please please?

See my answer on Q#5! :)

11. Your are worth every word of love. Worth every good deed, worth every smile, every tear of joy. You are worth the sun’s rays and the warm air, you are worth the happiness and the laughter. You are worth everything good and beautiful, Give this message to everyone and anyone, go to random blogs, someone you don’t know, stretch your ask limit, anon or not, tell them they are worth it. Because the world needs more love. <3

12. So glad I came across your blog ! It’s one of my newest addictions!

Yay! Thank you so much! :) 

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