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Q: Hi Kisty, I was just wondering what camera do you use and what lens/es do you have?

Hi! :) I’m using a Nikon D90 with 50mm 1.8D lens. If I want some range, I use a Tamron 17-50mm lens. Those are my two default lenses but I also have a Tokina 11-16mm lens (wide angle lens) and a Nikon SB-900 (external flash). :) 

Q: You’re really amazing :)

Awww, thank you! <3

Q: Kisty, please post your apps :)

Most of these apps are ‘old’, meaning I’ve used/played them before and they’re pretty good.

Apps that are no longer in this list are either apps I don’t use anymore, I switched to their HD counterparts or they just plain suck.

170 apps, choose your poison. 

Isn’t it obvious that I’m such a gamer girl? I’ve just finished playing Chrono Trigger. My RPG of the moment is Secret of Mana. Potterheads, Harry Potter: Spells is a fun game. 

Apps like Computer Arts and Vogue are for Newsstand (I only downloaded them to make that app look pretty). 

Q: Did you upgrade to Mountain Lion? Is it worth it?

No and I don’t know. I’m not using some of the features kasi, such as Safari and Pages. I might upgrade in a few months time… Also, how do I access my photostream using my Mac?

Q: Ate Kisty, what are the stuff you’re going to sell at the fair? I want to raid your closet!!! <3

Nope, I’m not selling anything. :) I’ll only be there to visit my friends and meet some of my readers. The fair landed on my boyfriend’s birthday kasi. ♥

Q: Hi, I know this is a random question but I’ve seen you tweet about games kasi lately, like Chrono Trigger and its sequel. I just want to ask, did you ever play Ragnarok Online? If yes, what are your favorite jobs? Also, what are the other games you play? :)

Hahahaha. Yes! I’ve always wanted to become a Priest or just a skillful red-headed Archer. I also play Left For Dead, Frozen Throne and Counterstrike. 

I like RPGs. 

guerlaincotanas: Hi ate kisty! You have a wonderful blog as you. I’m always checking on your blog hihi. :)) ♥

Thank you! ♥

pepperminted: Miss Kisty, just ignore my previous message, hihi :”> Thanks for your lovely theme! ♥ Gosh! Sana someday ma-try ko rin ang red hair like yours, hihi :”>

I’m glad you were able to sort it out on your own. And thank you! ♥ 

tamericanidol: Ate Kisty! Can you suggest any online shops? :-)

Check out my sponsors on the right side of my blog! :) 

Lol but in case that’s not the type of shops you’re looking for, I suggest checking out Asian Vogue, Shop Dainty, My Cup of Tea Clothing, Quirkypedia, Sparkly Couture, Nikita Accessories and last but not the least, Esty! 

Q: Do you really pay for your apps and books on your iPhone??? Why don’t you just jailbreak it?

Because… I just don’t want to. I don’t know why, all I know is I don’t want to. Weird, huh? I do wish iBooks would go half the price. 

Q: Ate Kisty, can you recommend me a nice headphone or earphones? Thanks!

I personally like the design and quality of Coloud headphones (I have the X-Mean headphones and the Stormtrooper earphones!). I got my boyfriend a Marshall earphones (Minor) as a birthday gift last year, they’re pricey but great quality.

Q: What do you use mostly in your instax cameras?

Self-portraits, photos of trinkets that I own and with people I love. :) 

Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t means that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how much followers you have. Send this to 15 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them! :D

Thank you, kind anonymous! I’m honored and flattered that you think of me that way! <3 

I will do this when I can finally send TAs. :( I don’t know why but my ISP is preventing me to send Tumblr Asks. :( 

Q: Are you maputi? Or… please answer hehe. I wanna know if I’ll get my hair dyed red but I’m more into the morena side. But it looks pretty good on you, however I don’t know if you’re maputi or something. Thanks! Cute blog, btw :)

Hahaha! Your question is so funny! But uhm… Yes, I am. I have a warm skin tone though. :) Here’s a photo of me against natural light. You can also google what kind of shade fits your skin tone. Thank you, btw! :)

gillianlovesweet said: You really inspired me with your sketches. you’re soooooooo good at sketching that you really inspired me… wait… not just sketches.everything in your blog (post, tutorials, fashion shoots, etc) you inspired me with them. thank you for inspiring me and the others. can we have a collab someday :)

Thank you, Gillian! <3 As I’ve said on the fan mail, messages like these really means a lot to me! :) Thank you so, so much!
I live to inspire and I get inspiration from you guys! 

Hi! Since you order clothes online uhm can you tell us how it’s done? Like, oorder ka and then you use your paypal acct. and then what, idedeliver sa house niyo or you have to get it to the post-office pa? And may extra fee pabang binabayaran? It’s my first time to shop online so I really wanna make sure. Thanks in advance! xx

So sorry if it took me a while to respond.

If the item is shipped to the Philippines through the ordinary way, the central post office would often send me this registry notice to inform me that I need to claim a package within 30 days. I normally pay PHP40 to claim the item. For couriers like FedEx and DHL, I think the process is different. 

In Singapore, everything is delivered in my house… for free! No more extra charges. 

jaune-tte said: good work on the typo dear! :D

Thank you so much! :D 

keepcalmandtrustingod asked you: ate may online shop ka po?

Nope, don’t have one! I can’t manage an online shop right now.

Q: Miss Kisty, do you use a separate email for this blog and littlemermaid .me? Thanks! :)

Nope. I redirect all of my e-mails to mail at :)

Q: Do you have close up lens for your 7s Polaroid?

Nope. You have to purchase that separately. 

Q: Where are your themes?

Q: Hi, do you check out blogs? Mind checking out ours? :)

Sometimes I do, when I have the time. I normally tweet my followers when I feel like checking out blogs. :) Follow me on Twitter if you like. 

Q: Can you show us apps that are free? I saw some of your’s but they’re not free. :(

Viber, WhatsApp, Osmo Leaker (for light leaks for photos), Camera360 (I’m not sure if it’s free but I think it is), Trainyard, games from Nimblebit and Donut Games, Stardom (I was once addicted to this game), Snoopy’s Street Fair, PandoraBox, PicFrame.

Q: Which do you prefer iPad or iPhone4s? :]

Well, I don’t have a 4S but for I prefer the iPad for playing games, surfing the net and reading books. 4S, in my opinion, is more suitable to be an mp3 player, cellphone (obviously) and camera since it’s portable than the iPad. If  

Q: Ate kisty, did you just edit that polaroid photo (the photo on your description) or you took it with your polaroid camera then just scanned it?

I scanned the polaroids then wrote down the description (or my name to be more specific) using a pen tablet. If I wrote the description directly on the film, you’ll notice some smudges. :) 

Q: What would you suggest to wear on maroon 5 concert? haha. thank you :)

Anything that you’re comfortable in! :) No heels because you’ll probably be standing all throughout. Though the concert is going to be hot and a little bit sweaty, it’s better to bring a cardigan just in case. When they had a concert last year(?), we arrived in the venue 30 minutes early and it felt like I was inside a freezer. 

For the rest of questions/messages, they were answered in private. :)

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