The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

Whimsy Watermark

Kisty Mea

Wearing my Whimsy Watermark Dress from Sugarlips Apparel! ❤

The dress itself is a statement piece; a mullet dress with interesting cutouts and patterns. I actually had a hard time deciding what kind of accessories or clothes (such as a cover-up) to match with it. My mom recommended I should just keep it simple because the dress is already lovely on its own. But if you’re into edgy pieces, pair this dress up with a bowler hat and black wedges. :) 

Just check out the details + my new trimmed hair, lol! I’m supposed to wear a ring that I bought from the Tumblr Fair. I was already wearing the ring but decided to take it off when I wanted to wash my face and then, I couldn’t remember where I’ve placed it. :( Too bad though, the ring was pretty cool. 

Obviously, I didn’t feel edgy that day. I opted for white heels instead. They’re my mom’s and they’re actually really comfy to walk into but because my feet are slightly bigger (I’m a 5.5!), they tend to hurt my pinky toes. :( I hate being a half-size.

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