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Q: Hi! I know you love to draw/sketch. :) Can you make a list of the materials you have used? Or at least the ones you recommend :D (watercolors, pencils, sketchpad, markers and the like) Thanks!

To be honest, I’m not particular with the brands. But here are the list of materials I’m using right now:

  • Paintbrush: Daley-Rowney
  • Gouche (introduction set): Daley-Rowney
  • Sketching Pencils: Royal & Langnickle (sometimes, I just use a magic pencil)
  • Colored Pencils: Faber Castell (Watercolor)
  • Watercolor: Prang
  • Colored Pens: Staedtler and ProMarker
  • Pens (for Outlines): Artliner’s Calligraphy Pen and Createcolor Studioline
  • Acrylic: Not sure. I think I left mine in Manila. 

For pen and pencil sketches, I just use my Moleskine sketchbook. I use Daler-Rowney’s watercolor sketchpad when I want to paint.

Q: Since when did you construct yer theme? :3

When? Hm… Well, I got my theme when I was visiting Manila, so that’s somewhere between August 4-8. :) 

Q: Would you trade your 55-200mm for a 50mm?

What’s the aperture of the 50mm? If it’s 1.4, then yes! The lower the aperture is, the better! Another thing to consider should also consider if the field that you like to shoot. 

Q: Ate Kisty, is Katy Perry an illuminati? Kasi dun sa MV niya ng Wide Awake parang naging illuminati siya.

Hahaha. I don’t know. 

Q: You have a subtle resemblance to Kim Hyuna. She’s a korean super star, look her up if you have time. :)

Thank you. Hahaha. :3

Hi Kisty, how did you edit your hongkong photo? Please, please shaaare :)

Can’t really give you a tutorial about since I edited each photo differently but most often than not, I just played around with the contrast, vibrancy/saturation and exposure. 

Hello ate Kisty! :3 What was the dye you put on your hair to have the super red color? Hope you can answer this q!

You have to bleach your hair first to achieve that kind of color. In the salon, I always choose the brightest, most vibrant red dye (y’know, like Paramore Red). At home, I used Special Effects Cherry Bomb (won’t do much on unbleached hair though). 

Do you do online shopping? If yes, please give me some good online shops. Thanks! :)

Yes, I do shop online but I haven’t been buying anything lately. You should check out my sponsors though, they offer tons of nice stuff. :) 

San ka po nakatira? / Where do you live?

Manila and Singapore! 

How much do you earn with your ads on nuffnang? :)

So far? Roughly around $270. 

Can you suggest some good books that could be found at Fullybooked? :)

But I haven’t been to Fullybooked in months now! :( In Fullybooked Fort and MOA, they always have a best-seller section.

But yeah, I’ll give you some titles: The Alchemist, Stardust, The Fault In Our Stars, The Great Gatsby, The Secret Garden and books by Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games and the Underland Chronicles). 

Can’t see your question/message?

I either replied to your message in private or chose not to answer it publicly (and since it was sent anonymously, I can’t answer it).

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