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Book Collection (Une)

This makes me so nostalgic. I remember a year ago, I was cleaning my room (in preparation for Singapore) and I’ve decided to take photos of my books, one by one. But they were never published because I *think* I accidentally deleted them. 

Titles and brief review under the cut! :)

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01-02 | Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon.I’ve previously featured pages from this book here. It’s an easy to read but insightful book about creativity. I got it from Kinokuniya Singapore but you can check if Fullybooked has one.

03-04 | Marilyn by Jean-Jacques Naudet. A compilation of Marilyn’s iconic images and firsthand accounts by some of her photographers. I was able to finish the book in one sitting and I find the contents very lovely. I purchased this book online.

05 | 52 Photographic Projects. This is one really old book. I first saw this book in Singapore two years ago (during my first ever visit to the country) but when it comes to traveling, I refrain from buying anything I know I can purchase in Manila [Sidenote: Hello? What’s the purpose of shopping abroad if the item you’re going to buy is available here?]. And what do you know? I saw this book in National Book Store, SM Megamall branch. :)

06 | How To Be An Explorer of the World by Keri Smith. This book is fairly brand new but I got it last year. I like books like these because they force me to be messy and I’m so OC pa naman (I’m a neat freak). And since they force me to be messy, I tend to… you know, find ways not to use them yet. Hahaha. Purchased at FullyBooked, either in SM Mall of Asia or in The Fort. 

07 | Design School. Nothing fancy. I bought this book because I’m trying to find something that can teach me the graphic design basics. But this book is for advanced learners since they deal with case studies and all. Pretty cover though. Purchased this from Kinokuniya Singapore.

08 | Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. This book, in my opinion, is worth every penny. I think it’s ideal for those who wants to give make-up a try. The book is composed of step-by-step photos of make-up tutorials. Got this from National Book Store, SM Mall of Asia.

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