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Hi, ate Kisty! What app did you use in taking that recent photo you took with your boyf in instagram? Thank you! :)

I am not sure. I took that photo using the default camera app, then edited it in various apps. :)

Hi Kisty! Why did you purchase a premium theme? You’re a talented web designer naman! :)

To be honest, I never had any intention of purchasing this theme. I mean, I can make my own themes, so why spend? But then, I saw the photoset slideshow feature and I instantly fell in love. For $49, it was a pretty unique feature. At the time of purchase, I was 100% sure that NO ONE within my ‘blogosphere network’ is going to spend that kind of money for a theme unless it’s 100% personalized.

OBVIOUSLY, I was wrong………… /insert sadface here. 

I can’t open the blog. Guess it’s not meant to be. Haha! Or, my connection’s prolly messed up. Thanks anyway. :)

Are you referring to’s blog entry? :( Or, their server is just really slow? Or maybe they’re hacked? IDK. :(

Hi Kisty! I am wondering if you could share how you do the “Hover on the image and click the right arrow to view the slideshow” thing? Thanks! :)

Sorry, I can’t! That feature is part of the paid theme. :) 

What can you say about the Cybercrime Prevention Law?

Here you go:

Hi Kisty :) Do you know any online shops that sells flower crowns? here in the phil. please help.

To be honest, I don’t know. Try Anagon Collection? You can do it yourself though, I made my own a year ago. :)  

Some of my readers recommended Indiestructible Merch:

Hello Ms. Kisty! Do you know any online sites that offers jobs for freelancers or any online jobs? Thank you! :)

Here’s a list of websites that compiled a list of freelancer sites. They also come with a short review: 

 Good luck!

hi. i know ur one techy chic so i know i can get help from u. aside from Mac, what laptop brand and model can u recommend? in line to quality and qty. thank you :) stay pretty!

Skip HP and Lenovo. Although I like the style of the laptops that HP reproduce, their service center sucks naman. Lenovo, on the other hand, is dangerous when left unattended. :| My sister used to own a small Lenovo laptop and one day, the keyboard started to produce steam and amoy sunog. Just imagine nalang if me and my sister went out of the room to have dinner or something, edi sunog abot nun! 

Sony is nice, I guess. Before switching to Mac, I had a Sony VAIO laptop. It’s pretty and pink! Over the years, it became super duper slow. It’s still alive though. 

Right now, Acer is good in my book. My sister and boyfriend uses Acer and it seems okay naman. I think pasok din sa budget (30-40K?). I can’t give you an exact model since I’m not interested in knowing the latest laptop/gadgets out there (it’s tempting kasi).

Ate, do you still sell some of your clothes? 

Not right now. Thinking of compiling them first. Maybe by the end of the year or something. Some of the items that I want to sell are here in SG kasi and I can’t bring them home yet. I’ll let you know. :)

Other questions are answered privately. Some of the questions posted here are old Tumblr Ask messages that I answered individually. Decided to just compile them into one post. 

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