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To everyone who sent me a message privately + email, hold on! I’m going to reply as soon as possible! 

Q: So far, how’s your iPhone 5? A lot of reviews said that it’s an epic fail, and it gets scratched easily..

Absolutely great! :) I don’t know about the scratches since I haven’t seen any marks yet. I’ve dropped it countless of times, too (but I already have a casing!). I turned on my iPhone 3GS the other day and for obvious reasons, the first thing I noticed was the screen. I’ve been using that phone for more than two years and I never felt the screen was that cramped until I started using the 5. 

I don’t have a 4S so I can’t compare but I think it’s safe to say that the iPhone 5 is not as a exciting as the original iPhone or when iPhone 4 was released. The improvements are very subtle but based on user experience, I think once you go 5, you’ll never want to go back. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Q: If you weren’t blogging on Tumblr, where do you think you would be? Other than the other blogging platforms youve tried before, unless youre thinking it might be possible for you to go back to any of them. Im trying to get a new blog but not on Tumblr anymore and Im asking for your advise because youre an expert blogger :)

Wow! It’s such an honor to be called an “expert” blogger! Thank you, kind anon! :)

If I weren’t blogging on Tumblr, I’d probably be still on Wordpress (self-hosted). Wordpress is easy to use, highly customizable (much better if you know PHP and JavaScript) and completely free. Blogger is another great option but since I don’t know much about XML, I find it hard to customize it.

These links might help:

Q: Ate Kisty, you look like Yeng Constantino. ♥

Thanks but I can’t see the resemblance! :)

Q: Hi Ate Kisty! Can you suggest your favorite fonts or at least the fonts you regularly use here in your blog? :)

Right now, my favorite is Museo Slab HAHAHAHA How boring. Also, Marquee Moon, the font I’m using on my header, Bebas Neue and Ostrich Sans(?). 

Q: Hi ate kisty! I just wanna ask where do you get your backgrounds? (ex. your twitter, themes, blog) I’ve been searching good backgrounds but i can’t find one. :( Hope you can help me! Thank you!

I got my Twitter background from a site called but from the looks of it, the site’s gone (replaced with a fresh install of Wordpress). :( Visit design-focused blogs, like and watch out for freebies and stuff. :)

Q: Hello ate Kisty! ask ko lang po, ano pong masusuggest nyong DSLR brand like me na beginner palang lang? Also ano po ung una nyong DSLR? can you show your photos nung beginner palang kayo? hehe, sorry po andaming tanong. More power!

Brand? Canon or Nikon! Both are great brands, so you can’t go wrong. :) I don’t know the latest entry-level models though but my sister got a Canon 550D (I think?) and it’s cool naman. :)

My first DSLR is a Nikon D60, then upgraded to a Nikon D90 (mid-entry).  

As for the photos, I’ll share the photos when I have the time. Right now, my files are scattered. :) 

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