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DIY Sunglasses Organizer


I have at least ten pairs of sunglasses, from shutter shades to len-less glasses (because I removed the lens). And my problem is, I don’t know where to store ‘em. At first, I thought I could use a transparent plastic container box but then I’ve realized that I might have more sunglasses in the future that the box can no longer accommodate. 

So, how do I keep them organized without hiding them inside a covered box? 


First of all, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to document how it was done because I wasn’t the one who did this project. If only I know how to sew (I will definitely learn this summer), then I would have taken photos while I was doing it. 

Basically, all you need any garment or cloth (½ yard will do), garter, sewing kit, cardboard or illustration board, scissors, cutter and ruler. 

First, get your illustration board and draw a rectangle with dimension 9”x8” or 12”x8”. A 9”x8” can fit at least four to six sunglasses.

Once you’re done with your measurements, get your cloth and cover it around the illustration board. Cut the excess. Your board will serve as the ‘foundation’ of the cloth while the cloth ‘prettifies’ your organizer. 

Your garter will serve as the holder of your sunnies. You have to sew it on one side, half an inch away from the top edge of your rectangle. Once you’re done, you can now sew the cloth around the board.

The result should be something like this:


You can also use this kind of concept for your headbands. :) You can also hang this on a wall by adding a yarn on both ends or use push pins. I’m not very good at making tutorials but I hope that this will help those who needs a sunglasses organizer. :)

If you made one on your own, please do show me your finished product by leaving a comment on my Disqus box. Thank you! ♥

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