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{ 02.23.13 }

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in your body? Just this fact alone makes me feel bad for not taking good care of my skin. So when I received an invitation to the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective™ White Workshop, I immediately said yes and figured this could help me learn something about my skin.

The workshop was held in SEVIIN Tangs Orchard, a really posh place at Tangs. Kiehl’s Skincare Specialist, Janice, and a doctor from Sloanne Clinic talked about the different types of skin pigmentation, how they are acquired and how they can be treated. 

Freckles and age spots are some of the skin pigmentation. I don’t have freckles but I’m particularly concerned with the age spots or solar lentigines. They are darkened spots on your skin that are caused by direct, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. Usually, you can see them in older people, those dark brown spots at some random places. Although harmful, it gives you a higher chance of getting skin cancer. Yikes!  

I really learned a lot and even got to try some of their products. They had a mini game afterwards and gave us goodies to take home. I also won a small bottle of Midnight Recovery serum! :)

After the workshop, I had a late lunch at Swensen’s and roamed around ION Orchard. I had to kill time because I still have to attend our company’s annual dinner. To be honest, I didn’t really want to attend because I’m a picky eater and what if the restaurant doesn’t offer any food that I eat? But fortunately, they offered chicken, some soup and even lechon! Yum! :D

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