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Celebrity Nails Salon

I’ve decided to give my mom a treat last Mother’s Day by calling Celebrity Nails Salon for a day of pampering. :) 


Their equipment/gear was very impressive. They got everything in one huge luggage, from nail necessities to diamond peel machines! I find this very impressive because they’ve considered the fact that their client may or may not have the right equipment to get the work done. All they need is tap water and a power socket.

Their foldable seat is so adorable! It seems that the people behind Celebrity Nails have thought of everything, including maximizing the client’s experience by providing their own stool. This way, they won’t get in the way while you’re watching TV.

I think the price was alright. Quality service, home-based, and cozy. I was happy with the service, including the fact that they confirmed my appointment through Twitter, so I’m giving them A+++! :) Definitely going to this again! 

They also offer several packages, both for kids and adults. Everything is posted on their website. :) 

Celebrity Nails Salon

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