The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

Seven Things About Cyberbullying

  1. People will bully you because they have too much time to spare. People who are busy don’t have the time to bring you down.  
  2. Bullies are not always the ugly people. Sometimes, evil takes form in a drop dead gorgeous girl, like Regina George. They can be witty and funny. You might even adore them!
  3. They will always think they’re better than you but in reality, they’re not. They might be prettier than you, claim that they’re more mature than you and might have more supporters than you… But believe me, they’re not better than you. Because if they were, then I don’t see the reason for them to bully you. 
  4. Any form of negative thoughts, if not treated, can be quite addictive. When they talk shit about you, it makes them feel better about themselves and if no one stops them, it’s going to get worst. Also, negative thoughts comes out in your body language.
  5. Ignore them. It’s tempting to fight back, to defend yourself but it’s not really worth it. 
  6. If you ignore them long enough, sometimes, they’ll go away. Sometimes, they won’t. 
  7. If they don’t go away, then learn to understand them and hopefully, learn to be compassionate to them. I know this must be really crazy but compassion is the only way to go because it’s better than consuming their negativity. 

Life, most especially for teens, is nothing but a big Mean Girls movie and though everybody wants to be Regina George, aim to be a Cady Heron by doing the right thing.

(via sealovechild)