The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

Blog That Views: Kisty Kreme

1. Who is Kisty Kreme

Hello! I’m Kisty, the girl behind I’m a 22-year old web designer, fashion blogger, contributing writer for, photography and design enthusiast from Manila, Philippines. I’m currently living in Singapore to pursue a master’s degree in Information Technology.

But when you strip away all of those titles, I’m just a simple but quirky little girl whose aims to inspire others one way or another.  

2. Describe your fashion style. 

Everyday, I wake up with a different sense of style. I think it really depends on my mood, on the weather, on the event and so on. 

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Tumblr Review: kistykreme

Takes good photographs? Check! Has a good taste in fashion? Check! A web designer? Check! Who are we talking about this time? Kisty Mea! Read on as I got to know more about the Girl on Fire.

Five interesting facts about you

  • I used to be a huge Candy Magazine fan. I have, at least, 3-years worth of collection. I even have a small photo in their August issue, I forgot what year though. Hahahaha!
  • I used to work for a bank, in a call center environment. One time, we had a transition of shift from our 10-hour shift to the usual 8-hour shift. I also had school that day. :P I was awake for more than 24 hours because of that. Quite insane!
  • I used to wear glasses, from the first grade until first year high school. Oddly enough, my eye grade became better when I stopped wearing glasses. 
  • I’m OC in a lot of things. I delete inactive accounts, such as my Multiply (which, by the way, had so many memories) and YouTube (if I create a new one, it’ll be my third YouTube account). 
  • We used to have lots of dogs when I was a kid. There’s one particular dog that I love the most, her name is Syti. I miss her. </3 

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