The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

It’s a hair haul!


I’ve always wanted to dye my hair red. Me and Cariza used to talk about it, but I couldn’t dye it because I was in school (UA&P), I had to process some documents and stuff. I only had the guts to dye it when a friend of mine here in Singapore dyed his hair blonde. Ever since then, I’ve been on the look out to find products to maintain the color and lessen the dry and damage that has been done.  

There’s one brand I’m dying to try but it’s not available here. Do you know where it’s available? In the Philippines! *pokerface* They have a number of stores here that sells Kerastase, Redken and other salon products that are under L’Oreal but they don’t have PureOlogy. They own PureOlogy, by the way. In fact, they own a lot of brands. See all the products or collaborations they’ve done here.

Anyway, my rant is not the highlight of this entry. I’ve been trying some products to fix my dry and damaged hair. I thought of sharing these products because my hair is beyond irreparable, it’s dry and damaged but if these products were able to help make a little difference to lessen that, then just imagine what could these products do to your not-so damaged hair! Of course, do mind that these products may still not work for you despite my review. 

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