The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

Five things you don’t really care about but you should

  1. As usual, I’m too busy with school that I barely go out and explore Singapore anymore. :( I knew this was going to happen since I experienced the same thing last term. I have my free days but most of the time, I just feel like staying at home and use that day to rest or catch up with movies and TV series. 
  2. So… Zac Efron for Penshoppe! Four for you, Penshoppe and none for Bench! :p If Bench wants to win this celebrity endorser war, they need to step up their game. They should try bringing Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Ryan Gosling and Andrew Garfield. Just picture this: IAN SOMERHALDER, TOPLESS. HIS TANTALIZING EYES AND SEDUCING SMILE. FOR BENCH BODY. ALONG EDSA. Female drivers, beware! Then, Nina Dobrev for Bench Fix because she has this really beautiful hair while Andrew Garfield for their casual clothes, since I think that seems appropriate for his age. Last but not the least, Ryan Gosling for their perfume line! He’d look so dashing on that billboard that people, particularly guys, will be enticed to buy their products because they’ll have this impression that they could be as dashing as him. Of course, that seems impossible because no one can be like Ryan Gosling but you get the idea. 
  3. I’ve been really sad about this whole “I’m in Singapore” thing. I recently received a number of opportunities but I had to give them up because I’m in Singapore. :( :( :( :( :( If only airfare wasn’t so expensive. It makes me a little sad but I know that if I can’t have this opportunity, it’s because something better is in store for me. 
  4. I’m having a hard time understanding Autodesk Maya. It was one of those things that I’d rather die than open the software. :( Of course, I don’t want to fail my Animations Class just because I don’t get the software and all the materials that was given to us… So I’ve decided to go to Kinokuniya, this wonderful place in Singapore filled with books, to buy a book that could help me out. Clearly, Autodesk Maya is very hard to use because they didn’t have a lot of books about it. I chose the Mastering Autodesk Maya 2011 which cost me SGD123 (!!!). *insert “are you fucking kidding me me?” meme here* If you convert that, it’s around PHP3000++. I don’t mind buying expensive books if I know they’ll be useful but seriously, that price for one book? I just find it insane… The book is quite thick, as thick as my Calculus book, and includes a DVD so I guess… :( Thankfully, my money didn’t go to waste because I understand Maya little better now. I actually don’t feel so lost anymore! Yay! I now have a chance to pass, lol. 
  5. I just saw My Week With Marilyn and it’s such a nice movie. I don’t know if it’s real though because there are no accounts that proves that Marilyn and Collin had a fling or an affair but I’ll tell you this: Michelle Williams was simply wonderful! She was perfect for the role and she was able to capture Monroe’s charm and beauty. You’ll really fall in love with her in this film.