The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

Style Showdown

If you were to choose, which do you prefer? Don’t forget to click the links for more details about the item. :) 

Skull Leopard Clutch Bag vs. Vintage Flag Bag

The clutch bag obviously has that edgy vibe in it. I think it’s a nice contrast for dainty pieces. While the flag bag has a vintage feel into it, obviously. I guess it’s a nice bag for casual dates and photo shoots. 

Spike Sandals vs. Belted High Heels

Edgy vs. dainty. Most often than not, the spikes will win because they’re quite unique and such a perfect topic whenever someone wants to start conversation with you. But I don’t know, I’m leaning more on the belted high heels because it looks prettier. Haha.

Other items that I find cute: Leopard Wedges that reminds me so much of Hello Kitty and this dainty high-waisted skirt.

Note: I suggest you roam the site further and let me know other items you fancy. Who knows? The item you’ve recommended might be included in future closet sale (definitely not this June though).