The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

"You’re good at sketching but you don’t sketch a lot."
— What my eight-year old sister told me a few months ago. 

It’s funny that it was my little sister who reminded me what I once love before computers and the Internet became to be. Sketching was my first true love and over time, it became an innate skill of mine; something that will never ever go away. Here are some of my old sketches that I’ve done this year, the ones I’m proud of. 

The first photo is a sketch of Miranda Kerr. I drew it on the day that bloody typhoon was busy flooding the stretch of Roxas Boulevard. The eyes, nose and lips were particularly the hardest ones to sketch though. I shaded it last night while watching Captain America. 

The second one is a very old drawing, like STATUS days old! I made that because intern, Paolo Geronimo, was urging me to draw and learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator. In fact, I showed you a rendered version before. 

Last but not the least, here’s an unfinished sketch of a girl I don’t even know. I used Barbara Palvin’s pose in this photo and made a completely different face. 

What’s In My Make-up Kit?

I’m not a make-up junkie per se. I’m not pro at putting it on my face nor am I a pro at giving tips on which products to buy. I just like make-up to a certain extent. Before I proceed, here’s a quick glimpse of my make-up kit. :)

I love my eyes and they look so much better with longer and sexy lashes. I don’t want to put falsies every single day, so I resort to the next best thing: mascaras. I have so much love for them that I have six mascaras in my make-up kit. Here’s a quick review about these products (from left to right):

Revlon CustomEyes — This mascara comes in two modes and I have no idea what’s the difference. My initial impression? The ergonomics suck since the dial mode is twisting whenever I’m trying to open it. I bought the waterproof version and it gave a set of panda eyes… So, never again. 

Maybelline Volum’ Express Magnum — I love this mascara! The packaging is pretty and its unique brush can give you pretty lashes in just one application. If there’s a base and top coat for nails, this would be the polish. You can see the design of the brush wand on the third photo. :)

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander — Another mascara that I love. :) This serves as my top coat because the mascara stays after a really long day. My only concern is? If I apply too much, it can make me sleepy. 

Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Fiber — I used to apply this religiously but then I got lazy. It’s good for a primer though.

Etude House Dr. Lash Ampule Set — A curious purchase of mine. According to the box, this set (if applied religiously) will give you healthy lashes.

I’m still in the testing period so I can’t really say if it works but according to reviews of other bloggers, the product works but not as significant and not worth the second purchase. I will say, however, that the primer’s brush will hurt your eyes. I hate the brush but I use it anyway to see if the product does work. 

When it comes to eyeshadows, I use this palette. For the price, it’s worth it but not all of the colors are pigmented so I’m thinking of saving up for a palette from Sephora. I once tried a set from Careline and they gave me a severe case of rashes! My eyelids felt like they were burning right after I applied the eyeshadow!

Also, I like to define my brows. In order to achieve this, I use Majolica Majorca’s eyebrow pencil to fill in the gap and Etude House’s Color My Brows to — as the name implies — color my brows. The product from Etude is perfect for girls who dyed their hair brown. :)

For bigger photos of the Majolica Majorca products I bought, check them out here.

When I was in high school, I used to have chapped lips. Chapstick wasn’t no help either, so my mom told me to use petroleum jelly. Ever since then, I’m hooked with petroleum jelly. It’s a bit icky but it keeps my lips soft. :) It doesn’t give me any color though, so I’ve decided to invest in lipsticks. 

Most of these lipsticks are from Etude House since I just need something can color my lips without spending too much cash. I have ruby red, coral, and pink.

I currently have a set of BB creams from Etude House that couldn’t seem to run out. I like them but they’re a bit shiny for my face. So I’m still looking for the one. I recently tried a testing sample of The Face Shop’s Phytogenic foundation and concealer, so far so good. :) 
For bronzers, I use the one from Sephora’s. I rarely use it though but I like the way it makes my face look slimmer.

So there, that’s basically the gist of my make-up love. I told you it’s not much. In case you’re wondering why I don’t have any blush on, that’s because my cheeks tend to get red so easily that applying one makes me a ripe tomato. I do, however, want a blush from NARS.

Topshop Private Event at Knightsbridge

The event was about their winter collection, personal shopping, and styling tips. I wish I was one of the people who volunteered for the styling tips because the ladies who volunteered gets to take home the clothes that were styled onto them. LUCKY!!!! :( But everyone gets a 25% discount on all items, so yay! 

When you say winter collection, I’ve always had this notion that it’s about fur and coats even if it’s not appropriate for a tropical country. But Topshop Singapore introduced a different set of winter collection, it was about glitters and sweaters. I like it because it’s more appropriate to the bipolar weather this country has. 

Thank you to Charyn for inviting me to this event. I just love Topshop and if I could, I want to marry the brand. Hahaha.