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Goodnight, Tree Hill

One Tree Hill changed my life. I believe that this TV show made me who I am today. I’m saying this because this TV show was not just a show, it’s basically real life.

They’ve introduced different characters, with different situations and personalities, that you’re bound to find someone you could relate to the most. And from there, this character and the people surrounding him/her will help you during the good and bad times. Honestly, I’m lost for words. I just feel really, really sad coz’ this show was like my visual guide to life. This show was always there for me whenever I’m going through a rough time, whether it’s trying to figure out who I am or finding true love in a haystack. 

One of the many things that this show has taught me is that we all make mistakes but they won’t instantly make us bad people. They were just bad choices and we’ll make it right, maybe not today or tomorrow, but we’ll make things right again. 

I’ll miss One Tree Hill. I’ll miss everyone. I’ll miss Lucas’ words of wisdom, Haley’s strength, and most especially, Brooke’s courage and love. 

I just have so many feelings right now

  1. I just want to lay in bed and mourn over the pain happening in my abdomen. :( 
  2. When I was in high school, when it hurts too much, I go to the clinic and ask for hot compress. They’ll advise me to rest for 15 minutes but I purposely go to sleep because I don’t want to go to class. WORKS EVERY TIME! 
  3. My naturally curly hair is getting long now. I’m guessing, it’s about five to six inches long now. But I’m happy coz’ even if they’re getting longer, they’re ‘following’ how I like my hair to be. Before, I’ve always felt that they’re all over the place. 
  4. Finally got to watch The Other Guys and Johnny English Reborn. Funny movies, ftw! :D
  5. "If I were a lion and you were a tuna, I would swim out in the middle of the ocean and freaking eat you and then I’d bang your tuna girlfriend."
  7. Item #6 is not for anyone in Tumblr, in case you’re the kind of person who likes to assume. 
  8. I swear, I just want to go home and lie in bed. :(
  9. Tomorrow, Titanic 3D hits the cinemas. Watch Jack die… in 3D! I demand 3D tears for this.
  10. Also, American Reunion tomorrow! I LOVE FUNNY MOVIES! 
  13. … lol adding these numbers because ending a list on #11 looks weird. 


I want to be with someone who I can spend the rest of my life with. Someone kind, patient and understanding. Someone who’s faithful and loyal. Someone who’ll pull me back into his arms even if I’m trying to push him away. Someone who makes me laugh effortlessly and thinks that my corny jokes are also funny. Someone who’ll stay by my side when I’m in my lowest point. Someone who’ll introduce me to new food, to new things, to new places. Someone who listens. Someone who will brighten my day just because he’s there. Someone who wants forever to start today.

I’m so utterly grateful that someone is you

Pretending to live the celebrity life online

by Cat Triviño

It’s no doubt that the times have changed.

From the intimate secrecy of relationships, to the long conversations on the telephone, to the instant text messages, now the instant broadcast of feelings, love, and news and gossip,everything now comes quick and it’s now easier to judge and talk about people.

A new party, what they’re doing today, what they’re eating or wearing, who they met, a new relationship status, a girlfriend or boyfriend, this generation (and the next) rarely keeps anything “unsharedunuploaded, or unposted”. And when you’re top story of the day, suddenly, it’s like everyone wants to know about you and your story. Everyone is so interested in what you have to say. And everyone is subscribed.

Everyone’s interested in a surprise relationship status change.

If you should pick up one sensible thing from this post, it’s that you have to be careful of the things you share with others. It’s hard to tell the difference between the people who are just in it for the gossip from those who actually care. You don’t have to tell anyone about how you feel when you broke up with he-who-shall-not-be-named, you don’t have to justify yourself or your actions online! No one needs to know, really. Some people just take pleasure in seeing misery, and drama, and… unhappiness.

If they really care, they would approach you. If they matter, you should tell them. Not all your 900+ friends matter. Not all of them would understand. Not all of them need to know.

You go ask any big time celebrity how they feel about their privacy. Cross out Kris Aquino, and you’ll be surprised how many celebrities try their best to keep their personal life in hiding. Some people care so much about their actions, and come to the point of even mailing them hate mails to get their personal insight (usually of disappointment) across. Sure that might sound fun for people who need or crave the attention, but seriously. Get a life.

You need not come to that point that people (acquaintances, online friends, and soon… strangers) will actually intrude and suddenly feel that they have a responsibility to ask you or about your problems. Your problems are not meant to be shared online. Especially, everything about your new relationship status.

Social media makes it suddenly easier for everyone to judge. And everything you share can make or break you. For some people, they wouldn’t even give you the time of day to explain what you meant in a post and judge you right away, sharing the link with other friends who will also inhibit the same judgement. And before you know it, you’re a hot topic, a blind item, a bad kid.

You shout your feelings of affection or hatred, sharing a piece of yourself to billions of people online. To you, it’s important and you’re important. To billions of people, you’re probably just another attention-seeker.

And you will regret it. Jessi Slaughter has.

Sure, I’m being a hypocrite here. I have a blog! But posting “He does not deserve me! He will forever rot in hell!” or just plain judging someone on why she’s dating him… that’s kind of another level. I do keep those things, and my evil eyes to myself. I suggest we play low-key. All of us. For the sake of the next generation (who as we all can assume… isn’t doing very well either).

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