The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

Three Minute Makeup Challenge

Take two of my three minute makeup challenge. This time the video and audio quality is a wee bit better. The Nikon D90 is not recommended for videos. I also found a spot and a mirror to do videos, provided nobody is home cause that would be awkward lol.

Anyway, I hope you like it and if you’re planning to make your own version, please send me the link for I would love to watch it. xx

Air New Zealand Briefing

Before take-off, it is compulsory that the airline crew briefs you and other passengers with different safety procedures. Truth be told, I don’t always listen to the briefing. I guess it’s because I’ve heard it countless of times.

Now, I’m not the biggest LOTR fan but this in-flight safety video definitely got my attention. This is definitely an effective way to attract any passenger’s attention. :D

Air New Zealand partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit inspired Safety Video. It features cameo appearances including Sir Peter Jackson.

Me “singing” Call Me, Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

I have this habit of singing out loud whenever my boyfriend drives. I think it’s my way of making pa-cute and killing time. Now, that I’m back in Singapore, no one will make pa-cute to him. Hahahaha. So I thought of making my own version for him to watch. I’ve been listening to this endlessly, it is such a catchy song!