The Style Mermaid by Kisty Mea

ELAN Bijoux and Accessories

ELAN is a lifestyle brand and a wonderful treasure trove of sugary sweet nostalgic fashion. We offer a wide range of vintage-inspired jewelry, cute-as-hell headpieces, dreamy fabric tote bags and other bits and bobs inspired by classic memorabilia. We are a family-run playhouse in love with all things vintage. Alice in Wonderland meets Polaroids of cotton candy.

A few weeks ago, I accompanied my mom to do some errands and luckily Northeast Square was right beside the the place my mom had to go to. So I asked my mom if I could drop by and check it out. :) There are a lot of beautiful things in that store, I just knew I had to get back (unfortunately, I haven’t had the time since it’s far from my place). I even bought a pink camera ring that my mom, aunt and sister wanted to steal from me. Hahahaha. :) 

The store along Connecticut Avenue, inside the Quintesence Gallerie. You can view the map here. Or you can also check out the photos on Facebook and Multiply! :)