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  • Corregidor

    Corregidor Island, Cavite


    Greetings from Dubai! I’m not entirely sure if I’ve already landed to Milan/Malpensa Airport by the time this entry has been posted, but hello from wherever I am! I’m currently using my mom’s hotspot to connect (the airport’s free Internet is unstable, what a…

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  • Pico De Loro

    Pico De Loro, Batangas


    While most people flocked the pristine beach of Boracay on Labor Day, Cariza and I went on a spontaneous roadtrip adventure to Nasugbu, Batangas to relax and escape at Pico De Loro. I’ve never been to Pico before, so I have no idea what…

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  • El Nido Tour Guide

    Tour A and C of El Nido, Palawan


    Every wanderlust has their own lifestyle and preference, so you either fall in love with El Nido or with Boracay. And in my opinion, both El Nido and Boracay offer a different kind of relaxation: Boracay is commercialized, while El Nido is more… provincial. Anyway, we…

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  • Singapore Travel Guide

    A Travel Guide to Singapore

    Travel Guide

    As requested, here’s a travel blog post/itinerary guide about the country I’ve considered home for the past two years. There are so many things to see and do in Singapore but this entry should be able to cover the basics and must-see. Please don’t forget…

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  • Thirty Things About Traveling

    Thirty Things About Traveling

    Travel Tips

    I’d like to think that I am a well-traveled woman, but every now and then, you’ll still see me tweet airline companies about an inquiry I am unsure of. I’ve done this a hundred times, and I still find myself confused about things. There…

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