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I. Hater’s Parade

Q: Ms. Kisty, you’re really awesome. And I admire your strength. Going to school abroad while handling your haters is no easy feat. I also see that you’re interested in fashion and design. :-) I’ve been reading your blog for so long now, and even though people at times say that you’re copying, you still remain respectful. I hope you find what’s truly and uniquely yours so that haters will have nothing more horrible to say.

Thank you for the very kind words. :) I have flaws and sometimes I can’t help but give in with the hate but reading messages like these makes me stronger and strive to become better. <3

paula-agbon asked you: hey kisty. thumbs up for you. i really like how you deal with that hater or haters. some people hate you because you’re too better than them they can’t reach you. stay pretty and keep your heels standing :)

Thank you so much, Paula! :) 

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I.T. lang pala kinuha mo tapos nagmamasteral ka pa.

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Kung hindi narrow-minded yung magsesend ng hate mail, ubod ng tanga naman. Ano ba. :|

Una sa lahat, I.T. LANG PALA??? Hindi basta basta yung course na yun kaya huwag mong maliitin. Kung ano man ang course mo ngayon, sinisigurado ko na hindi nyo matatapatan yung ginagawa namin. Why? Kasi kung mahirap yung course mo ngayon, like Architecture, Nursing or Computer Science, for sure wala ka nang oras insultuhin yung ibang courses kasi busy ka nag-aaral para pumasa. Imagine mo nalang to, kaya mo ba ipasa ang following subjects: Calculus 1 & 2, Statistics, Accounting, and different programming classes (Java, C, C++, PHP, etc)? Kung oo, at hindi ka I.T. or any computer related course, then *bow* LEGEND KA!

Pangalawa, ano naman meron kung nag-mamasteral ako? There’s nothing wrong with getting another degree of the same course. Don’t you know that a lot of people would want to swap places with me? It’s a rare and wonderful opportunity! Hindi mo ba alam na mas magiging mataas sweldo ko pag may master’s degree ako? Yung starting salary mo ay hindi pa one-half ng magiging basic pay ko. Hindi naman ako sa nagmamayabang pero that’s one of the many expectations when you get a master’s degree. Not to mention, Australian degree pa yung kinukuha ko.

Pangatlo, huwag mainggit kasi panget tingnan. Matuto alisin yung Crab Mentality sa ugali. :) More importantly, alamin muna yung sinasabi bago insultuhin yung ibang tao. 

Q: “The mermaid misses her adventurer. ♥” So feeling mo mermaid ka? 

It’s an old inside joke between me and my boyfriend because I’m a mermaid since birth! I’m only in my human form because I’m really curious about your kind.

And here’s the original tweet, see the date: 

I loved Disney’s The Little Mermaid ever since I could remember. In fact, I would sing “Part of Your World” every afternoon all throughout the first grade. Good thing I wasn’t in the water or else, I would’ve drown sailors to their death or something (That’s a false myth about our kind, by the way!)

Did you know that the real story of The Little Mermaid is so depressing that it wasn’t a happily ever after? And did you know that the girl on the Starbucks logo is originally a mermaid (it still is, except they’ve been cropping the fins part)? I knew this before I even verified the information from Google because we can detect our own kind. This is probably why I like to lounge at Starbucks more often than other coffee shops.