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Why Non-Laser and Laser Skincare Methods Are All Popular


When you look at the skincare market today, you may be wondering why there are so many different choices for treating skin problems. If lotions and creams work, why advertise laser treatments? If laser treatments work, why is there a need for chemical peels? Well, it's the differences between all of the different treatment methods, along with the differences in every person's skin, that cause the need for so many popular options.

Laser Treatments Can be Helpful at Times

You might think laser treatments are invasive and that you can just stick to using a cream on your skin. The only problem is that most types of lotion or skin cream are better at slowing down the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin, not at treating those problems once they appear. If you already have some, it's a lot easier to get rid of them by using something stronger than a cream.

Another thing to think about is that there are lasers for hair removal and lasers that treat other types of skin problems like scars as well. So, lasers offer a wider variety of treatment options than many other methods, especially lotions and creams.

How Invasive Laser Machines Really Are

It's important to have the word “invasive” clearly defined in your mind. If you think lasers are just as invasive as facelift surgery, you are mistaken. A laser appointment usually takes only an hour or so. Although, due to filling out paperwork, your first appointment could be a little longer. Also, most laser machines produce almost no side effects. So, you can walk out of the clinic and resume your activities right away. The same can't be said after facelift surgery.

Of course, there are some laser machines that are more invasive than others. Ablative laser treatments (those impacting the outer skin layer) are much stronger than non-ablative treatments that work below the surface. They can cause you too experience swelling and redness that could last for a little while. You will also have to be careful to keep the area clean for a while after the procedure to avoid an infection setting in.

Other Treatment Methods Also Have a Place in Skincare

Creams, lasers, and facelifts all have their place in the world of skincare, but so do other treatments. For instance, chemical peels can be used to resurface your skin, if your dermatologist or clinician thinks you're a poor candidate for lasers. Other options include microdermabrasion, ultrasound therapy, and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment.

There are a number of reasons why you might prefer one of those treatments over another. The choice might also not be entirely yours. Some people are just poor candidates for certain procedures. One good example is that some lasers can't be used on people with oily skin. If you are one of those people, you might need a different type of procedure.

In short, you need to look at both laser and non-laser options before you jump right into trying to treat your wrinkles, scars, or other skin problems. You might find several options that could work, in which case you can choose whichever one you think will be most comfortable. On the other hand, you might find that one specific treatment is best for you.