Where’s Kisty?

Seoul, London, Milan, Beijing, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Tokyo… The nooks and crannies she’s been wandering off to puts even Waldo to shame.

Kisty Mea, a 28-year-old free-spirited and bubbly wanderer, has braved a place many dream to conquer but little actually do—the internet.

What started out as an outlet for her teenage angst in October 2002, eventually evolved into a platform for her lingering creativity and thoughts. 15 years later, equip with all the things she loves: travel hacks, beauty tips and design principles, she now embraces her rightful spot in the www.

Kisty.net is fueled by her passions and intentions to help, inspire and make even the smallest dent in a person’s life. With articles authored to the travel, design and beauty FAQs and pegs of Filipino millennials, Kisty’s website has paved the way for bright, young Manila to consume substantial content that is tailor-fit to them—making it a worthwhile stop on their browsers.

Take it from Kisty—she knows what she’s talking about given her first-hand experience. She has also proven herself in the field of academics. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in University of Asia and the Pacific in Manila, earned her Master’s degree in James Cook University in Singapore and honed her knowledge and skills even further in a 3-month course in Shillington College in London.

All this while juggling a long-term relationship with her college sweetheart, JP; playing Mom to her mischievous male Maltese, Snowy; and binge watching her favorite shows.

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