3 Ways to Beat the Manhattan Crowds


If you're a bit wary of bustling, large crowds, it's possible you've avoided visiting New York City out of the fear of being swamped! But you don't have to miss what the Big Apple has to offer just because you're not a fan of getting lost in the crowd. With these tips and tricks, you can have a stress-free, crowd-less fun time in the city. 

Best Time of Year to Visit

To know the best time of year to visit New York City, first you need to know when not to visit! The holiday season in New York attracts large crowds looking to attend all the year-end festivities, including all those holiday parades and New Year's Eve in Time's Square. If you're looking to dodge those huge crowds, then be sure to avoid the latter half of the year.

January through early March is the best time to plan a trip to New York City. These winter months bring less tourists to the city. However, if you don't mind a little cold, then you can have a cool, crowd-less trip to the city. And you might be surprised to know the summer months of July and June can also be great times to visit. This is when New York natives hightail it out of the city to go and visit the shore, which means you can have the city all to yourself!

Do This, Not That

Perhaps the best way to avoid the crowds in New York City is to bypass all those popular tourist locations. When you trek off the beaten path, you can have a unique city experience without all the stress of crowds. 

For instance, instead of trekking to the Statue of Liberty, plan a trip to Governors Island. Then, instead of trying to beat the crowds lining up to see the most popular Broadway show, go see a show Off-Broadway before it becomes the next big thing.  

New York City also has many crowded museums, but the lesser-known museums, such as the Merchant's House Museum and the Natural History Museum, can offer you a quiet, reflective break from the crowds outside.

Best Places to Stay

Just because you're visiting the city doesn't mean you actually have to stay in the city. If you want to avoid busy hotels full of noisy tourists, look to areas close to the city, such as The Meadowlands, New Jersey. Only minutes away from the Lincoln Tunnel, you can be in the city in a snap. And then after a day spent navigating the crowds, you can return to a peaceful, quiet hotel that still offers a view of the city skyline.

You don't have to let the crowds keep you away from New York City. Making sure you plan your trip during the right time of year and choosing attractions that don't interest many tourists can give you a stress-free, crowd-less city experience. Don't forget to choose a hotel outside of the city in an area like The Meadowlands, New Jersey.

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