Accurate Weather And Lightning Detection

For the past few weeks, we have been having thunderstorms in our area and other parts of the states. Some low lying places were badly affected by floods and many homes were submerged in water. People have to leave their homes to take refuge in flood relief centres and wait till for flood water to subside. All their belongings were totally soaked in the dirty, muddy flood water.

Even though we were not affected by flood but every time when the sky grew dark, I will be on the alert especially if I am using the internet. I had three bad experiences when my internet modems were damaged due to lightning strikes. Fortunately, each time it happened, only the modem alone was damaged and the other components of the computer were spared. When the lightning strikes, the sudden power surge blew up my modem.

From the previous three bad experiences, I have learned to be alert. Whenever there is sign of rain or lightning, I will quickly shut down the computer, disconnect the telephone line from the back of the modem and unplug the power of the DSL modem. I will even unplug the power of my computer too to be on the safe side. Replacing damaged electronic devices can be costly.

It would be great if we can install a small lightning detection device to warn us of a coming thunderstorm so that we can get all the electronic devices unplug in time before the lightning strike. And if no lightning is detected, we can safely continue with my online work without having to worry about lightning destroying the modem.

Installing a lightning detection network will help the Meteorological department detect and calculate the direction and the severity of lightning and the weather. This will enable the public to be pre-warned of severe weather conditions and lightning risks. With the warning, local authorities will be able to take action and even warn the public to prepare for evacuation. Those in the areas concerned will have ample time to save their property and belonging from damage if warning is given out early.

Obtaining accurate and faster warnings will enable the authority to better prepare for e.g. the tornadoes, hail, thunderstorm and floods. There will be less loss of property and people when the people are warned of the severity of the coming storm. Even organization both government and private sector will benefit from a lightning detection network.

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