Online Grocery Shopping with HonestBeew


Let me start this blog post by saying that this is not a sponsored post. I got sick after our family's trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia and Real, Quezon, and I don't have any food or supplies at home.

Hungry, sick, and cashless, I decided to order from Honest Bee, an online grocery shopping platform. This Singaporean tech start-up recently tapped into the Philippines market, offering both the busy and lazy millennials to shop online for necessities without leaving their offices or homes. They're like a personal shopper but instead of bringing you clothes, they'll bring you grocery items. 

Here are three main reasons why I like this app:

1. Convenience

The humid weather, the constant Uber price surge, and the horrible traffic are just some of the reasons why I hate going out. I could drive and make my life a lot easier but then I will also deal with traffic, parking, and maintenance. With Honest Bee, I only need to pay a concierge fee of P99 - that's a lot cheaper than my usual Uber trip to the mall!

My shopping philosophy is virtually simple: If I can do it online, I'll do it online.

2. Flexible Payments

The Philippines is still new to the whole online shopping thing. The majority of brands don't have an online store and if they do, they only accept limited modes of payment. Online shopping in the Philippines can be a frustrating experience. Honest Bee accepts both credit cards and cash on delivery, giving consumers a safe and secure option to pay for their items.

3. Communication

The delivery guy sent me a message, informing that the three items that ordered are not available. I didn't indicate any substitutes for my order, so it was nice of him to ask before checking out. 

I ordered at around 7:30 in the morning and received the items at the promised delivery time of 10-11 AM (10:45 AM to be exact) on the same day. The groceries even came with a cute minimalistic shopping bag from Honest Bee. Overall, I'm very happy with my experience with them and will most likely purchase from them again. 

I like their service so much that I made a quick video on how to use the app below! :D

P.S. I ordered P2000 worth of items, but since I have a promo code, I was able to slash P500 off my first order. You can also get P500 off when you use my referral link.

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