Model Turned Actress Melissa Bolona Showcases Her Major Style on Instagram


Instagram is a social media site where individuals can provide their followers with insight into their daily lives. For model turned actress Melissa Bolona, Instagram is used to showcase her major style. Melissa began her career as a model so she knows how to dress and how to showcase her beauty and style on the social media platform. With almost 100,000 followers, Melissa is using her knowledge of the entertainment industry and turning heads! 

Movies and More

When you follow Melissa on Instagram, you will see a variety of photos and videos, as she travels around the world for modeling and acting. Melissa likes to stay active on Instagram and will post photos on a regular basis. One of her most recent posts showcases a recent film the actress has been working on titled The Year of Spectacular Men. Melissa stars in the movie alongside Lea Thompson, known for her work on Back to the Future films and other motion pictures. 

High Style

Instagram posts, showcase Melissa Bolona’s style and beauty. While some posts are funny and silly, others show off her modeling knowledge, with amazing poses and beautiful clothing. When you follow Melissa on the social media platform, you not only get to view images from her movie premieres, but you can also see inside her life as a model or just enjoy her individual style. 

In her travels, Melissa goes all over the world and shares her unique lifestyle with her followers. On a recent trip to Machu Picchu Peru, Melissa shared photos of this amazing and mystical place so her followers could tag along. oh


If you enjoy taking a look at the life of a celebrity, Melissa’s Instagram is one to follow. The up and coming actress has several movies in the works, with five films currently in post-production. Follow along on her cinema journey as well as get a glimpse of her daily life by following Melissa Bolona on Instagram

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