Motorcycle Parts Need Proper Maintenance

Every motorcycle rider or owner must learn and be familiar with their motorcycle parts and the function of the individual parts.  It is the rider’s responsibility to buy the right parts e.g. genuine Honda motorcycle parts for your Honda bike model. They should also know the importance of proper maintenance of their bike which is very crucial to their own safety and the safety of other road users. All it takes is one small malfunction to cause a serious or life threatening accident. Besides safety, proper maintenance also helps to extend the life span of the bike parts and that too helps to save money.

Brake is top of the list to check for proper maintenance of your bike. Brake must be checked regularly and is the top most important part of the motorcycle. Some bikes have the drum brake system and some have the discs brake system. The bigger bikes usually use disc brakes and is better in handling slippery roads. Both the front and the back brake fluid need checking regularly. Another part to check is the brake pads. Check to make sure that the brake pads are not worn off till too thin because they may cause damage to the brake disc and brake disc are expensive to replace.

The next most important bike part is the bike chains. Many times, a rider has to get down from his bike to push it to the nearest workshop because the chain broke or the chain became too loose. Most riders tend to overlook the importance of keeping the bike chain clean and well lubricated. After you have checked the brakes, then comes the tires check. Bike tires should have the right tire pressure. Over or under inflated tires can cause blowout that can contribute to loss of lives or serious injuries. Look out for signs of worn out treads and replace with good quality tires for motorcycles.

Regular maintenance should include checking of engine oil level, oil filter and air filter as well. Regular change after certain mileage usage or whenever necessary can contribute to life extension of other bike parts and smooth, safe running of your bike.

To avoid a breakdown due to a flat battery, try to keep track on the date when the battery was installed. Make sure to check it regularly once it crossed the 8 to 9 months usage to avoid unnessary breakdown. Some batteries last longer than others.  Modern batteries do not last as long as the old fashioned batteries where we need to fill up the fluid level. 

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