Why You Should Make Coffee a Part of Your Morning Beauty Routine


Most people consider coffee only as a stimulant to kick-start their day in the morning. But did you know that by having your daily cup, you're also doing something good for your daily beauty routine? In fact, coffee may very well be labeled as a superfood due to its benefits, not just for the heart and brain, but also for your skin, hair and entire body.

Keeps free radicals away

Free radicals are toxins in our body which come from all sorts of sources like other food and pollution. They are notorious for accelerating a person's aging process. Beauty and wellness website Byrdie discusses how free radicals can be eliminated with the help of coffee, as it is rich in flavonoids, which are the source of its antioxidant properties. Brewing coffee activates the flavonoids in the beans or granules.


Coffee's antioxidants also work against skin inflammation, allowing you to avoid or remedy sore, red spots on your face and body. In fact, this is why coffee is also used as an active ingredient in facial scrubs or masks, especially the anti-acne varieties. Here's a video that shows how you can make your own coffee facial mask:

Helps you lose or maintain weight

In an article about the beauty benefits of coffee, Saba Naaz mentions that drinking coffee regularly is linked to weight loss due to the caffeine content. It aids in regulating appetite as it makes you feel full.

Coffee is even infused with other natural chemicals known for decreasing appetite and increasing metabolism like L-carnitine and green tea extract. The result is typically called slimming coffee, a variant of the beverage that is claimed to have an enhanced effect on weight loss. Pretty Me did a review of Lean N Green slimming coffee and details that L-carnitine burns fat, while green tea extract aids in burning calories and lowers blood sugar. These are combined with various types of coffee beans like Coffee Arabica and Green Coffee. The former also has a short-term effect on a person's metabolic rate, while the latter contains Chlorogenic Acid, a substance which helps the body convert glucose and fat into energy.

Retains hair's natural strength and shine

A study published in The International Journal of Dermatology found that caffeine also acts as a stimulant for hair follicles. The substance can prolong their life cycle and even boost hair growth. Caffeine was applied and absorbed topically in the study and more research is needed with regards to this effect; nonetheless, experts agree that caffeine can counteract against the hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair loss; while promoting hair cells to produce more Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) at the same time. ATP is an organic chemical that stores and transports energy within cells. In other words, caffeine, of which coffee is a primary source, helps keep hair strong. Improved hair cell activity also means that the follicles are able to maintain the natural shine and bounciness of your locks.

Just like all things though, moderation is still key to reap the beauty benefits of coffee. The recommended daily intake of caffeine for adults is 300-400 milligrams. If you're drinking the standard eight-ounce cup, this equates to four cups. And when you're interested in trying out a beauty product with coffee as an active ingredient, be sure to read the label thoroughly.

Have you personally experienced the aforementioned or other beauty benefits of coffee? Share the details in your comments!

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