2015: A Colorful Year of Travel

Who knew that there's going to be a funny moment in my life where my hair color matches the color of the sea? If you’ve been following me on Instagram since January of last year, then you’re probably familiar with my photo project called HairVentures. The project was meant to document my travels and my always changing hair color, given that many of my friends could no longer track my current color.

The idea of this project presented itself when I was standing on the cobblestone street of Calle Crisologo, where my family and I went on a week long road-trip to Ilocos. I thought I was able to document only six photos, only to find out that I've successfully do it in every travel I've made for 2015. 

I'm really happy how this project turned out to be. I know this concept where you look away from the camera is not a new idea - ideas cannot be owned and it would be terribly arrogant for anyone to do so - but I felt that the changing hair color and the perspective on how the photos were taken is what made this project uniquely my own.


LifeKisty Mea3 Comments