5 Facts About Me + You

I was cleaning up my iCloud Photos last week when I found these photos of me facing away from the camera. I called these photos HairVentures, a mini-project I did on Instagram earlier this year. Although back facing portraits aren't new ideas, I thought it'll be cool to document the different hues of my hair along with the places I've been. The collage features Boracay, Baguio, Jeju Island, and several places in Ilocos. Anyway, browsing old photos made me introspective. I've seen so many places in a span of 2-3 years, which is great for experience and for my blog's content, but I also noticed that I hardly ever write about myself. Truth is, one of my biggest blogging struggle is how not to be uncomfortable when sharing my personal life. So, I thought I should take a break from all that travel guides and spend some quality time in trying to overcome my fears, one post at a time. 

To start, I'll write 5 facts about me:

  1. The first contest I’ve ever won is a trip to L.A. The first travel contest I’ve ever won was a trip to Los Angeles to watch Nelly perform live. Unfortunately, I was a minor and I couldn’t go, so Globe gave me 50K cash instead. The funny thing is, I don’t even remember joining. The only Nelly-related thing I’ve done with my phone is download one his songs, either to be used as a ringtone or ringback. 

  2. My first visa application (to Japan) was denied. Yes, it was heartbreaking but I also took that as a blessing in disguise. If it wasn’t for the visa denial, then my mom would never have believe me that there’s a discrepancy in my birth certificate. 

  3. If I were given a chance to visit one European city and die the day after, I pick London. Years before Big Blog Exchange happened, I’ve always been very vocal on how much I wanted to visit London. To win a contest this big and be able to visit your dream city automatically makes the #BigBlogX competition very memorable to me. 

  4. I have a yearly travel goal: 1 International + 2 Domestic. I used to have this thinking that I should travel the rest of the world first, before my own country. I was simply complacent with the fact that the Philippines will always be there, waiting for me. But I realize that my reasoning is so, so wrong and I was simply taking the Philippines for granted. If you can afford a 6-figure trip to a first world country, what’s stopping you to visit other places in the Philippines? 

  5. If you want something in life you have to will it. I’m lucky that some of my travels are sponsored. While, the ones I do pay for is a result of my desire to turn goals into realities. Japan, for example, was an impulsive trip my boyfriend and I made. He paid for the airfare, I paid for our Airbnb. We had no plans or whatsoever, which is wrong, but JP and I are both alike — when we want something so bad, we will focus all of our energies and resources to achieve it. That reminds me, JP once described me as a risk-taker, an all-or-nothing gal. :) 

Lol, forgive me if the facts are still very much travel related. It's a good topic to start if I want to share anything about my personal life because travel excites my spirit more than anything. I light up when I talk about travel and it's a topic I can share without feeling any remorse or uneasiness. :

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