7 Things I've Learned In 2014

"A Year of Growth, Love and Travel." This is how I would describe 2014 for me because I've faced a lot of challenges, nurtured important relationships and have traveled to new places. I know that I've blogged less this year, but I don't feel bad at all, because my time was well-spent on pursuing experiences that has made me richer as a person. Not to mention, I found inner peace and infinite reasons to be happier. But to make up for the absence, I'd like to share to you some of the delightful things I've learned this year.

1. Be genuinely content and happy

2013 was all about creating a list that makes you happy, and I thought that was a great start embracing a happy life. But true happiness starts with action. And 2014 was the year I took in charge of my happiness.

This year, I left the job that was making me miserable. I fostered a stronger and happier relationship with my significant other. I unfollowed, blocked and muted toxic people on social media. I also deactivated my ask.fm last October, which seems to be my main source of negativity on the Internet due to the power of anonymity. I also moved out of my parent's house to continue practicing my own independence. And now, I'm just busy pursuing things I love and anything that fuels my creativity. I know I've been blogging less, but I am genuinely happy.

Bottomline is: You are the catalyst of your own happiness, so do what makes you happy and do it unapologetically. Don't mind the haters and unhelpful critics. 

2. Purge and rebuild your wardrobe

Last August, I finally bid goodbye to that dress that no longer fits me and to horrendous pants I swear never to wear again. I started investing in basics that I can always mix and match. I bought a black blazer, tons of white shirt and button down, black pants for everything, a versatile pair of Doc Martens, and many more. I also took this opportunity to let go of things I no longer need and want, such as bags and accessories.

Rebuilding my wardrobe felt like I am now ready to face the real world.

3. Freelance is wonderful, only if you could afford it. And a 9-to-5 job isn't so bad, if you enjoy it.

I noticed that the trend lately is go freelance. I've been doing freelance even before I graduated college, and I could understand why everybody wants to do it: you are your own #girlboss and you get to control your own time. But I'm starting to realize that if you truly love your job, even if it's a desk job, then a 9-to-5 shift isn't so bad. I hope that other Millennials would stop pinning down the 9-to-5 job.

4. You'll know when you're finally emerging into adulthood

As mentioned on #3, I gave my wardrobe a makeover last August. Two months later, I spent most of my money art materials in order to feed my creative soul. As December entered, I started shopping for home decors to spice up my condo. Aside from that, I am also paying for my own bills (mobile plan, association dues, electricity, parking, etc.). Now, I still have a lot to learn but these expenses and purchases have indicated that my priorities have shifted, and that I am emerging into the world of adulthood. It's a bittersweet realization, but I'm embracing it wholeheartedly.

Note: I personally believe you're not fully independent if you haven't paid your own bill, because seriously, it's insane.

5. Adults don't subtweet

I used to subtweet as a means to vent out my annoyance over someone or a group of people. But I finally decided to stop, because what's the point? Sure, I was able to express my anger and annoyance. Then what? It did not resolved anything nor changed what I think/feel towards that person. I just fuel my own negativity.

If you're annoyed and want to put it on social media, just remember this: Genuinely happy people don't subtweet.

6. Moving in together made us closer

For a short period of time, I moved in with my boyfriend while I was still finding a place of my own. And you know what? Living in together was so, so fun! While I don't know if moving in together is a good or bad move for a relationship (because nothing is set in stone), but I can certainly say that the experience did help strengthen our relationship to a whole new level.

7. The best way to discover your true passion is to try different things and experiment

Your 20s is the time to be selfish, and feed your passion. But some people are too selfish, that they discourage you from even trying. Don't listen to them. Trying different things and experimenting is the ONLY way to learn and grow. Not everyone is going to be supportive, so if anybody tells you what you can and cannot do, ignore them and prove them wrong.

I don't know what's in store for 2015, because I don't want to expect. But I'm definitely gonna put career and passion as my main priority. Although uncertainy is scary and overwhelming, I know that whatever path we take will always lead to something good and amazing. :)

Have an awesome new year, everyone!

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