9 Most Picturesque Places in the Philippines

One of the musts for me when I'm going on vacation is taking great pictures. Sharing those picture (with friend and online) can possible push people to go on an adventure of their own. But it also brings me great joy when I'm looking at them a few years down the line, and reliving happy moments from the past.

You don’t even have to be a professional photographer, but a good camera will make it much more fun, and will help you to develop your skills. But a good place for a photo shoot is much more important than a camera, so just go out and explore! These are just places that I find breathtaking, but there are countless amazing places in the country, so please comment with you best picks.

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You can read my guides to Vigan and especially the one of Calle Crisologo, and check out the awesome pictures I managed to take there. But I will tell you in a couple of words what is Vigan all about, and why you should roam around and take pictures.

It is the best example of a city dating back to the Spanish rule of the country. It was established in 1572, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site sine 2014. Calle Crisologo takes you back to the time that kalesas rattled when riding on the cobble stone streets. It's like taking color pictures from 200 years ago! Also don't forget to visit the Bantay Bell tower, and iconic landmark of the city.


Corregidor Island is another great place for a historical photoshoot, but from a different point in time. It has played a major role from the first time the Spaniards ever set foot in Manila, but it became very important during Second World War when it was a fierce battle ground between the Americans and Japanese.

It is best to shoot the remains of the Mile Long Barracks – which was used as an office and training facility, and the Cinema of Corregidor that used to entertain the residents of the island. Now it looks like scene taken for Band of Brothers. And it's really close to Manila too, less than two hours journey from Manila Bay.

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El Nido

There are so many amazing places in Palawan to explore that booking a booking a Palawan tour package is a very good idea for a smooth vacation. It will certainly make it easier to get to El Nido and enjoy it the most. We are lucky to have one of the most beautiful islands in the world, constantly making the top of the lists of many travel magazines.

Check out my guide to El Nido if you plan to stick to it only, and I'm sure you will find it helpful. So what's a good spot for a photoshoot? Almost anywhere! Take the island hopping tours to the lagoons and

secret beaches. Visit Nacpan Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches in El Nido, and when you go there check out Ille cave on the way. Duli Beach is also one of the best beaches you can find.

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It's another great place that I loved, and it offers so many beautiful views that you must bring a power bank for your phone and camera's batteries. I already listed my top 4 spots in Pagudpud, but there are two other places I'd advise you to visit (in Laoag actually, ont eh way to Pagudpug). The first is the Paoay Church, a small detour from Laoag , and the second one is La Paz Dunes, because where else can you take desert pictures in the Philippines?

Danao town in Bohol

Most people associate Bohol with Chocolate hills tarsiers, but the most scenic spot on Bohol Island is in Danao. During the cold season, every morning from Sunrise until around 07:00am, there is a unique phenomenon taking place in Mt. Puntaas. It is called the sea of clouds. You will see only the mountain tops peeking from above the clouds.

Besides, when in Bohol don't forget to visit the places mentioned above, and more. Alona beach and the rest of the beaches in Panglao are extremely beautiful, as well the Virgin Island (usually as part as the island hopping tour). Loboc River is also a place to visit, as well as the jungles of Bohol for great pictures.

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It has been in my bucket list for too long now. Some people call it the New Zealand of the Philippines, because the landscape of Batanes can sometimes remind those of New Zealand. It is the place that looks the most like it's out of the country, and everything there is so picturesque. And recently there are flights from Clark to Basco for the third of the price from the Manila-Basco one. That makes it more accessible than ever!

Where to take pictures in Batanes? The Vayang Rolling Hills, Marlboro Hills, Basco Light house, the Ivatan Rock Village. Basically anywhere, and you won't run out of places before your memory card is full. Batanes is home to one of the more interesting beaches in the country, the Valugan Boulder Beach.

Southern Cebu

And that being said with two particular places in Mind: Osmena Peak and Balay Sa Agta. Both are places that I didn't get to visit yet, but soon enough. Osmena Peak is what you call the Chocolate Hills of Cebu. They are regarded as the twin of Chocolate hills as it is the same geologic phenomenon, and they are not less spectacular. The good thing about Osmena Peak, or Casino Peak, is that it is far less touristy than Bohol, and that it is also very accessible. It's just 15-20 minute walk (from Mantalongon in Daluguete) by habal-habal. And it not only the Casino peaks themselves that are worth a photoshoot, it's also the village itself!

Balay Sa Agta is a 400 meters long cave. They say that a Kapre lives in its deep. The Kapre is just a fairytale (probably) but the cave is full of many other surprises. Lakes, waterfalls, a

skylight, majestic speleothems, deep nooks and huge chambers. It's a great spot to practice your <a href="https://digital-photography-school.com/14-tips-for-cave-photography/">cave photography skills</a>. It's on the way to, or back from Osmena peaks, so it's totally doable on the same day.

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A place that I always wanted to visit, known for being an island of magic and mystique, and for its picturesque waterfalls and beaches. It's most well-known waterfalls are in Lazi, called Cambuhagay. It's a 3 tiered cascade, that each one offers great photography opportunities.

There is another set of waterfalls that's worth your time, called Lungason Falls. It's also very accessible, and is a set of 12 cascades, with a couple of big main ones. You'll need to trek in the jungle for exploring all of them. Be sure to visit Paliton Beach enough time before sunset, so you can feel the place and get ready. Taking picture of the white sand beach with the coconut trees is equally beautiful at daylight and during the evening when the sun starts to set.