Anxiety and Travel - Ways to Cope

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Traveling with anxiety can be difficult, and it can be hard to find the energy to travel when everything feels like a mission. Many people with anxiety do not want it to stop them from doing the things they want to do, but unfortunately this is often the case. If you are planning on traveling somewhere, whether this be backpacking or traveling to visit a friend in another state, here are a few tips on coping with your anxiety.

Plan for Everything

If you have a plan for everything that could happen, then if the worst was to happen, you are prepared. Check the timetables for all different modes of transport just in case the method of transport you choose to use is delayed or cancelled for any reason. If you are driving, then ensure you have emergency breakdown cover and that you have a spare tire in your car. Top up your tank before you go and check the route beforehand for gas stations. If you are planning to travel by plane, try to book an aisle seat so you can get up and go to the toilet when you need to and to prevent any claustrophobia. If you are afraid of flying, here are some great tips for flying with anxiety.

Travel with Someone

If it is possible to do so, travel with a friend or a family member. If something happens or your anxiety begins to creep up on you, then you have someone there who understands and who can help you through it. Bringing someone else along is also a great distraction tool so you have less time to think about what is happening and more time thinking about chatting to your friend or family member.

Bring Distractions

When you have anxiety, it is all too easy to overthink everything. If this is the case for you, bringing plenty of distractions will help you to relax and forget about your troubles. It will also make the journey to your destination faster. It may be that you want to try and sleep through your journey so that you do not feel any anxiety. If you do want to sleep, try finding a calming playlist and don’t forget a travel pillow. It’s also important to stay hydrated and keep eating; many people with anxiety forget to eat as they feel sick and this will only worsen the way you feel over time.

Using CBD Oil

CBD oil has many uses including alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. Many people with anxiety use CBD as a natural way to combat their anxiety so that they can live the life they want to. If you are planning on traveling, it is worth testing out CBD oil and seeing how it works for you. CBD oil may provide some antidepressant effects and could be the answer you have been searching for.

Find Your Coping Mechanisms

Every person is different and we all have our own ways to cope when we feel our anxiety begin to take over. It may be that you distract yourself by concentrating on things in the room, while others use breathing exercises to help cope during an anxiety attack. Understanding your own anxieties and knowing when you are about to suffer from a panic attack will help you in stopping this in its tracks. If you do find yourself struggling with your anxiety while traveling and you don’t have a friend with you, speak to one of the transport staff or call someone who you know will be able to help you over the phone.

Following these tips can help you cope when traveling with anxiety. Plan ahead as much as possible and take with you plenty of distractions to help divert your mind from feelings of anxiety.

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