Center of Aesthetics and Visual Arts (CAVA)

The Internet gave a window of opportunities for creatives to pursue their passion. People are now able to post their work, promote it for the world to see, and collaborate with other creatives. 

Hazel Gonzales is one of those people who utilized the power of the Internet. In fact, she is the girl boss behind the most sought after bridal makeup studio in the Philippines, HG Studio. Now, she is relaunching her school,  The Center for Aesthetics and Visual Arts, or CAVA. She invited a handful of bloggers, including myself, to know more about this institute. CAVA is a beauty school established in 2014, but problems arose and Hazel had to close it down. Now, the school is opening its doors again. Only this time, they are also catering to other creative fields. 

I was able to witness how passionate and knowledgeable Hazel is about her craft. In fact, the makeup artist who gave us a demo is one of Hazel's former students and is now working for MAC! 

While devouring a baked ensaymada from Mireh Manna (I ate like three ensaymadas that day haha), Hazel shared with us how she geared away from their family business to pursuing her craft through a makeup internship, which later helps build her portfolio and connections. It’s pretty amazing that a successful woman such as herself stay humble and down-to-earth. 

CAVA is not a school, of course. They are open to lending their spaces for creative events, exhibits, meetups, and workshops that can benefit creatives and the school. The location is an added bonus because it is accessible and familiar to people who live in Quezon City. And to show how adaptable they are as a school, they've invited one of Sony’s ambassador, JC Gellidon, to share his tips on how to take better photographs and videos. 

JC is also one of those lucky creatives who was able to pursue his craft through the power of the Internet. He started his photography journey with an iPhone as his only gear, sharing his photos on Instagram, and after a series of features from popular websites, he was able to build a following and a solid career out of it.

My thoughts on CAVA

I can’t speak for the makeup industry but from my knowledge, there aren’t a lot of training centers that offer affordable courses that could further hone the skills of budding MUAs. I also think most of the leading training centers that I know are often located in BGC and Makati, making it an unfavorable commute to those who live in Quezon City and Caloocan. CAVA fills in that gap.