A Letter To Myself

Dear self,

Happy birthday!

Today is your special day; the day you celebrate your existence and how you overcame each and every obstacles that came your way. I honestly want to tell you so many things... but I know that at this point in your life, you are trying to fix a broken heart.

I'd like you to know that there is nothing wrong with loving someone, but you often end up giving away too much of your heart. Love makes you vulnerable to a hurricane of chaotic emotions.

To love someone is a wonderful experience, learn from it but never forget to leave some love for yourself because your heart is going to break and we don't have the antidote to stop the pain. Fortunately, the pain is temporary. Your heart will heal someday and you will laugh at how silly you are for falling in love with this person.

I know it's hard but continue to be your old cheery self. Just smile and act like everything is okay... because everything is really going to be okay.

Focus your energy on other things. Do the things that makes you happy. Try something new on your own. Spend more time with other people. Feed your soul with enriching experiences and fulfilling growth. 

You do not belong to any man, Kisty. You belong to yourself, first and always.



Kisty MeaComment